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spending too much

May 10th, 2005 at 12:12 pm

Yesterday I went to the grocery store after work to pick up some low-fat snacks and free-range eggs. I bought myself a small bouquet of flowers too. I stopped by Walmart to get a couple of things that I couldn't find in the grocery store. Upon arriving home, I discovered I was locked out. To waste time until the keys came home with their captor, I went over to Kmart and perused their herbs. I bought a basil plant and an oregano plant, even though I am trying to grow some from seed (I don't expect them to live, seedlings never grow well for me). I resisted buying takeout, and made pasta after I got in the house. I ate 30 points (tsk tsk! way too much!) and earned two by walking with my coworker.

Grocery Store: $34.35
Walmart: $2.64
Kmart: $4.88

Today I played with my coworker's toddler for 3 hours while she was in a meeting, and we did our walk with his stroller as well. That's got to count for at least 2 points earned. Taco Bell for lunch - $5.

I can't imagine having a toddler. I am so tired after only three hours! I seriously doubt my ability to be a parent with that kind of lame stamina.

I see everyone making goals for the week, so here are mine.
- walk every day with coworker
- eat out wisely on Wednesday night, and also on Friday night if the plans stay the same
- schedule more apartment viewings
- carpool on Wednesday
- clean out the Closet of Doom

1 Responses to “spending too much”

  1. Princessperky Says:

    Thats why we get them at birth, you kind of build up stamina, that and get used to not getting much done while pregnant, to tired Smile.

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