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red, red wine

May 9th, 2005 at 07:18 am

I drank more red wine this weekend than I have in a looooong time. Birthday parties and Mother's Day, oh my! I ate horribly as well, throwing weight watchers out the window, but I'm back on today.

Friday's massage was sooooo good. She practices a mix of eastern and western medicine (actually has an MD in her home country) and told me that my gall bladder is inflamed. I am to drink rose hip tea for 10 days to flush it out (odd, considering I've been looking for organic rose hips for months...am I more in touch with my gall bladder than I knew?). She's coming back on Thursday night to work on my stress and do more acupuncture. My parents told me not to worry about the cost, but I hope she can come monthly after this week instead of weekly. It's just too costly (though she is amazing). BF and I had dinner at home after she left. Friday's Spending: $80.

Saturday was a rainy day. I slept late, and then made almost-vegan pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. I did a lot of cleaning and made some greeting cards. Made a quick trip to the grocery store for appetizer ingredients. Friends came over, we ate appetizers, went out for dinner, drank lots of wine, and came back to play games. It was a late, but fun, night. Saturday's Spending: $41.55.

Sunday was a nice day too. I called my parents. My mom loved her breadmaker. BF and I went over to his family's gathering, ate too much, and played with everyone else's kids. We looked at yet another apartment that really should have been priced at $200 less than they were renting it for. We decided to drive around my neighborhood looking for For Rent signs whilst eating a Dairy Queen blizzard. Called a few apartment owners when we got back, and I went to bed early. Sunday's Spending: $2.

Tonight...I have no idea what is on the agenda. Maybe we'll get a chance to look at a couple of apartments, maybe we'll go to the climbing gym instead. This week promises to be crazy busy...I have stuff planned virtually every evening! It's supposed to rain all week. I wish I had bought that light therapy box I was looking at, because dreary weather really brings me down. I hope the meteorologists are wrong!

1 Responses to “red, red wine”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kashi,
    Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. Smile I've just gotta say - I *LOVE* that song "Red, Red, Wine" even though I don't even drink. Smile Now I've got another song to add to my list of songs I want on my MP3! Smile

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