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wacky wednesday

May 4th, 2005 at 07:16 am

Monday: spent $15 on dinner, $18 on candles (on sale at Pier One), $7 on a birthday gift, $36 on electric bill. Couldn't find any clothes. Everything is lime green. Walked around mall.

Tuesday: $21 on gasoline, $92 on groceries. Made dinner at home. My freezer is completely stuffed full. Plenty of lunch ideas in there, so that will help with eating lunch out. Walked for thirty minutes with a coworker.

Today: nothing, with any luck and perserverance. I brought a salad and diet pepsi for lunch. Hopefully my coworker and I will go for another walk. Tonight, dinner at home.

We looked at another apartment last night. It was a fairly good size, very good price, kind of boring and a bit run down, but much better than others we've looked at. It's definitely staying on the list. We're looking at three more tonight.

My coworker added up my Weight Watchers points yesterday and it was astronomical (as I figured it would be). I need to get back in shape. Thus, the lettuce and walking.

I've got a massage scheduled for Friday (the one I canceled last month) and a birthday party to attend on Saturday. Those will be my biggest spending moments of the weekend.

Payday Friday! yippee!!

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