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revamped budget for May!

May 2nd, 2005 at 08:51 am

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope things get better, too.

I revamped my May budget, and I hope I can stick to it. Why is it so hard for me to stick to a budget? Should I put my credit card in a bowl of water in the freezer? I pay it off every month (though I am still paying off my 0% card too)....it's just hard not to give in to temptation. Every time I see a friend, it means spending money, and that's frustrating. I'd love to see them without that need to spend. I get the impression that dinner at home is too boring, though. I also have the urge to buy random things, and that brings up my "extras" line. A crafty thing from Michael's, a book, some chocolate...etc.

Yesterday I made a pineapple upside down cake, and it turned out great. Yum! I haven't had one of those in years.

We went to the movie Interpreter last night. It was pretty good. Nicole Kidman is SO thin!! I thought she was going to blow away in the outdoor scenes.

I'm going to the mall with a friend tonight. I'll probably buy my dinner, and maybe a new shirt, if I can find anything that does not resemble lingerie. Of course, it's been spitting hard little rocks of snow from the sky here for the past two days, so my sweaters are still in full rotation. Stick Out Tongue

1 Responses to “revamped budget for May!”

  1. Princessperky Says:

    Maybe you could tell yourself if you use it more than 2ce or whatever you wil put it in the bowl, I did the threat with my DH and I and it worked, only used it for one splurge, and dental stuff since. Not perfect but better than it could have been. COurse DH has a w2allet full of cards so it would have to be a big bowl of water!

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