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apartment hunting

March 29th, 2005 at 08:16 am

I am thinking about moving to a new place with my boyfriend. We'll see. I am very concerned that my landlord is going to rachet up my rent another $50 this year, and my budget is already bursting at the seams. If I moved to a new place with my BF, we could split the rent and utilities and maybe I could save enough money to move out of MN next spring. I found the most adorable place last night on craigslist.com...lots of hardwood floors, neat woodwork, and in an old victorian home. I'd really like to go look at it. I'm still a little torn about moving in with him, because part of me keeps thinking, "if I'm going to move in with him why don't I just marry him," but I'm not ready to take the marriage leap yet.

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