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el fin de semana

March 28th, 2005 at 11:49 am

Thursday: I did two loads of laundry and went out to dinner with my sweetie. He treated me. Pretty good chile rellenos!

Friday: Went to Walmart ($53). Picked up my sister, bought lunch for us ($8), paid for parking ($1), and took her and my sweetie out to dinner ($23).

Saturday: Went to the grocery store ($57). Then I took my sister rock climbing ($24). She loved it! We had a great time. We had lunch at home, then went to my sweetie's parents' house for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday: $0. Lots of driving.

Monday: $26 to fill up my gas tank. ish.

I have no more planned expenses for this month. I've spent 119% of my income in March (with savings and retirement).

Collectively, my BF and I spent $207 on groceries (OUCH!), I've spent $112 on gasoline (DOUBLE OUCH!), and $147 at Walmart/Target (WHAT?!).


I had a nice weekend, though. Smile

Total Spent Thursday through Monday: $192

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