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March 24th, 2005 at 09:26 am

I think I need to actually set aside a budgeted amount for clothing. That might help my enternal closet struggle. Yesterday I bought a pair of summer pants and two tank tops, about $33. I definitely want to do more shopping....but I did pretty bad on my food intake (calorie-wise) yesterday, so that isn't helping me lose weight and feel better about my body.

In preparation for payday, I wrote out checks for three bills and made an entry in my checkbook for my savings account - pay myself first! Wink I'm slowly starting to get that concept. Don't know what my problem is, it is a fairly simple concept, but not one I grew up with so it's hard to internalize.

I think I'll end up spending more this weekend than I'd like to. I'll have to buy groceries for my sister, I'm sure, because dorm life and no car means way too much cafeteria food than she'd like. Plus I am a nice big sister. I want to take her out to an awesome vietnamese restaurant, too, so that will be some $$. Oh well. She doesn't visit me often. I've spent a lot of money on frivolous things this month, but this doesn't count as one of them.

According to my budget, I've spent 110% of my income this month; 116% if you count savings. Ouch! Next month I'm shooting for 99% with savings.

I filled out my rental return, and I'm going to get a really nice return this year! It almost makes up for my exorbitant rent. but not quite.

I got a card in the mail yesterday about condo living, starting at $99K. I forgot to bring it today so I could look up the website. I really need to make some big decisions regarding my relationship (should we move in together? should we get married?), my job (should I move somewhere where I can actually find a job in the field I want?), and my living arrangement (is my landlord going to jack up my rent even more this year? can I stand this climate much longer?). UGH. I have no idea how to go about making these decisions, which is probably why I've been sitting in limbo for much too long.

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