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hybrid heaven

March 23rd, 2005 at 08:26 am

I really wish I had a hybrid, or a TDI, or something like that that got excellent gas mileage. I spent $22 yesterday on a tank of gas, and that is ridiculous! My car is doing this weird revving engine thing again, and I am concerned. I've finally got some money into my savings, and I'd hate to have to yank it out again.

Sunday night: frozen pizza at home. no spending. lots of cleaning.

Monday: homemade soup for lunch, tacos for dinner at home. no spending.

Tuesday: leftover pizza for lunch, didn't eat dinner. bought gasoline, OUCH.

Today: peanut butter & jelly for lunch, not sure about dinner but it will be at home. I think I'm going to an outlet mall with a friend of mine this afternoon. I wasn't planning to buy clothes, but this morning was horrendous in that I wanted to through every item of clothing I own out the window. I just hate my closet. Part of it is bad body image, I know, but nothing seems to fit right. I wanted to lose 15 pounds before I went clothes shopping again, but hating my entire wardrobe nearly caused me to stay home from work today.

Thursday: I'm not planning to spend. Maybe I'll list my closet finds on eBay.

Friday-Sunday: My sister is coming to visit for the weekend. I'll have to run to the grocery store and take out some cash, and be prepared to spend a lot on gas money. I'd like to take her rock climbing, but I'm not sure if I'll have the money to do it. We may just end up doing free/cheap things. I have Friday off, thank god.

I'm chipping away at my credit card bill...slow and steady wins the race!

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