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headache saturday

March 19th, 2005 at 08:30 am

I started to get a headache last night during our girl's night, and it's still here. luckily it is quiet and calm inside my apartment, and outside there is so much recent snow that it's muffling everything!

I spent about $56 last night, which was what I was expecting. It was pretty fun, but we did a lot of venting about a member of our group who has abandonded us for her boyfriend. That sucks, and we are really hurt by it, but there's not much you can do when someone is in "love". The problem I have with it is that that is the sort of thing girls did in junior high...not in their mid to late twenties.

I am fighting the urge to go shopping. I don't need anything, and I need to just keep reminding myself of that. I don't have enough in my bank account anyway. If I can keep myself out of the stores, it will be a no-spend weekend. I should really try to make an effort to have a no spend week up until payday next Friday!

ugh...I'm going to curl up on the couch.

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