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drink more tea!

March 17th, 2005 at 08:30 am

I'm a little obsessed with hot tea lately. I don't like to drink coffee, and my office is perpetually freezing, so tea it is. I'm using a tea bag twice before tossing it...the second cup is much less flavorful, but enough to appease me.

Kickboxing rocked. It was challenging. I have a serious problem with authority in that I was getting very irritated with the instructor for bossing me around. I just kept trying to remind myself that she is trying to help me! It's hard for me though, because I hate, hate, hate being told what to do. I was a lovely child for my parents to deal with, as you can imagine. Wink

I spent $6.06 on dinner, and that was all. When I got home, I paid two bills that had come in the mail. My cell phone bill was a little bit higher because apparently I was roaming and didn't realize it, but it was only a couple of minutes, so oh well.

I was going to buy a six pack of beer for our girl's night tomorrow night, but with the rest of our planned activities, I think I need to cut back on expenses for the evening. I'm planning to bake cookies tonight instead. that will shave a little bit off of the evening's cost.

Today's lunch is what I was supposed to eat yesterday, food from home. Tonight's dinner will be at home. Tomorrow's lunch will be free for listening to someone speak about finances. whoo hooo!

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