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*whew* I'm tired

February 28th, 2005 at 08:18 am

I spent basically what I thought I would spend over the weekend. Lots of food out (but I tried to keep it cheap), paid for my sweetie's meals to compensate for the hotel room, and bought the climbing gym membership.

This month I am really going to get back into consistently cooking and eating at home. It's healthier, I feel better when I do, it's cheaper, and I've been gaining weight (and that needs to STOP).

I fell and tore up my hand on a concrete driveway over the weekend so I can't use my new membership until it heals. It's already starting to, so it shouldn't be long. There were hundreds of people signing up at the gym last night, so I don't mind waiting a bit until the furor dies down. People's motivation will probably drop after the first couple of weeks, so it won't be as crowded...at least, I'm hoping so!

I ripped my jeans when I fell, so I have to buy new ones. That wasn't in the budget, but now I've had to incorporate it.

The wedding was a BLAST....I drank entirely too much, but everyone did, so we all had a fabulous time dancing the night away!! I am exhausted today, though.

Bye-bye February, onto March! Is it really almost March 2005 already!?!?!?

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