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I hate, hate, hate clothes shopping

February 25th, 2005 at 08:17 am

ok. last night I went to the biggest mall in the entire country. you'd think I would have found a shirt, right? we went into practically every clothing store. nothing. everything right now is either lingerie (can I wear that in front of my 'adoptive grandmothers' or my boyfriend's parents? I think not) or it is something a sweet 80 year old grandmother would wear. thus my dilemma. I am thinking about leaving work a little bit early today for my final, absolutely last ditch effort. *sigh* I have never had so much trouble finding an outfit.

tonight we'll be buying dinner on the road. I'm eating work party leftovers right now. tomorrow we'll have to buy lunch and dinner (there's only one plate at the wedding, and it is chicken, not something vegetarian friendly). probably will have to buy lunch again on Sunday on the way home. we'll have to pay for our hotel room on Saturday night, and gasoline (though we're taking the hybrid, so that won't be much). Sunday we're buying our gym memberships. so....it will be an expensive weekend.

off to worry about my lack-of-shirt dilemma.....

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