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where is cupid?

February 14th, 2005 at 12:58 pm

let's see...apart from regular bills, over the weekend I spent about $78 on clothes, $10 on postage stamps, and $60 on a medical bill. I tried to find an outfit for an upcoming wedding, but nothing fit right. I bought a cute skirt but couldn't find a shirt to go with it. I bought a cashmere sweater on clearance, too. I'm going to have to buy shoes and a shirt if I wear that skirt....but I have no idea where else to look! I've been to five malls already! it's getting frustrating. I need to pick up some prescriptions tonight, and buy a bit more of a birthday gift for my sweetie this week.

I'm making an effort to put money away in my savings account every pay period, even if it's only $10. I need to get in the habit. it is too easy to cut that part of the budget when other areas are lacking.

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