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extended birthday

February 7th, 2005 at 06:44 am

I had a GREAT weekend. It was so nice!! I spent time with two of my girlfriends on Friday whom I rarely see, and it was great to catch up. I spent a little on groceries that day to have drink mixers on hand. We went out to dinner but they would not let me pay. I made them take a few dollars for the tip.

Saturday I cleaned up the apartment and did my taxes (finally! a refund!). I spent a little at Walmart, mainly on frivolous things like makeup and workout equipment. I had a delicious Italian dinner with my boyfriend; he wouldn't let me pay either, but let me leave the tip.

Sunday I was the happy recipient of a delicious breakfast, two creamy birthday cakes, a host of wonderful gifts, and an amazing Indian dinner. Several of my friends came over in the afternoon to play games, and we went to dinner later. The best gift I received was a charcoal drawing of my precious cat drawn by my best friend. My cat passed away one year ago today at the age of 17. I miss her desperately. Luckily the waterproof mascara I had bought the night before did what it was supposed to do when I opened that gift. Wink

Today I may have a bit of an extended birthday...my boyfriend had a hard time finding the gift he wanted to give me, and he says he will be able to get it tonight. I could use some relaxation today. I had a number of nightmares last night and am sad today, anyway.

I had a couple of friends completely disregard my birthday this year. One may have forgotten (although that is somewhat unusual for him). The other was deliberate, I know. She has been treating me really poorly ever since she got a boyfriend (and, actually, for sometime before) and I'm done with the drama. I don't need that in my life! and luckily for me, I have many close friends and family who truly love me.

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