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spending spending

January 27th, 2005 at 09:02 am

Yesterday I shopped on overstock.com and found some great deals. I got two gifts for my sweetie (valentine's day and his birthday coming up!) and I bought myself way too much. I bought a paperback I've been dying to read (it was cheaper than anywhere else I've seen, and the library has no intention of ordering it, even after I requested it), two pilates dvds, one stability ball dvd, and one yoga dvd. I am on a new path to get in shape. I received a cushy pilates mat and stability ball for Christmas, and I am determined to use them. The dvds were cheaper than anywhere I've seen them, even half.com and ebay!

I got good deals....but I didn't NEED to shop. *sigh*

last night my sweetie bought me dinner, but I'm buying him lunch today when we meet our friend! last night I also bought a butterfinger blizzard at Dairy Queen, which I DID NOT NEED, financially or weight-wise! Stick Out Tongue

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