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Jan 2004 vs. Jan 2005

January 12th, 2005 at 12:07 pm

the month isn't even close to over yet but I know what I'll be spending, roughly. turns out I'll be spending $128 more this month than I did last year at this time. however, in January 2004 I spent:
$86 more on groceries
$42 on non-occasion gifts (not happening this year!)
$186 on eating out!! (so far I've spent $0!)
$50 less in rent
$80 from the ATM (going for $0 this month)

and this year a $145 bill came a month earlier than I expected, so I paid it off. I think I'm doing ok, even with the bed and breakfast splurge....
I'm really proud of myself for being more frugal, even if I can't control ALL of my spending urges quite yet.

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