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January 12th, 2005 at 08:08 am

The other day I drank 100 fl oz of water. Yesterday, only about 64. So far today I have drank about 16 fl oz but I am determined to fill up my water bottle twice today at work, which will be another 64 fl oz. Water is cheap! and good for you!

I brought an egg salad sandwich and carrots for lunch today. last night we had dinner at home. tonight we are hosting some friends but we are making dinner ourselves, not getting takeout. tastier and cheaper (I hope).

Today I reserved a bed and breakfast for Sunday night. Not the most frugal, I know, but we were debating taking a last minute trip to a warm climate this weekend, and this will be cheaper. The room I reserved is $50 less than the other bed and breakfast we were considering, and we are only staying one night, not two like we wanted. It's not too far but will feel like an escape, especially with a whirlpool and fireplace in the room!

I am planning a "vacation at home" sort of thing for the rest of the weekend, visiting touristy places in our own city for free instead of spending way too much money on a vacation. There are plenty of places we haven't been around here, and we can have dinner at a nice, new-to-us restaurant on Saturday night since we saved $50 on the room. Plus we can make breakfast crepes in our own kitchen, pack snacks for big days, etc, and if we just want to lounge around, we can do that in our own home. I'm excited! I think it will be fun!

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