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weekend shenanigans

January 9th, 2005 at 06:41 pm

Friday night we stayed in, watched tv, and made homemade pizza and cake. My sweetie asked if he should pick something up for dinner on his way home, but I told him no, we'll make dinner. I was proud of myself for not just saying yes!

Saturday we went shopping in the afternoon. I bought some Crabtree & Evelyn lotion on sale that I've been wanting for a while (buy 2, get 1 free), some greeting card-making supplies that were half off (!!), fake flowers that were half off, and a pair of brown boots for $30. I have more than one outfit that I haven't worn yet because I needed brown boots...I was so happy to find them, and for that price! Every other pair that I saw was at least $80, even in the discount stores. Then we went to dinner at Taco Bell (cheap!) and to a movie with free tickets. I bought one popcorn and one pop for us to share.

Today we stayed in, relaxed, and cleaned up the place. My sweetie's parents stopped by and gave us a bunch of foodstuffs and pop! They are the best. I made dinner and froze the leftovers for the future. yeah! I did spend a little money today...I ordered a yogurt maker from amazon.com. I hate spending money on yogurt (why is it so expensive??) and I'd rather know exactly what goes into it. I think eating yogurt really helps my health...I'm really excited about making my own!!

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