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Jan 23

January 23rd, 2017 at 12:28 pm

I've successfully avoided shopping for over a week! I attended the local women's march on Saturday and went home afterwards rather than to Costco or Target. It was actually decent weather for January, but still chilly enough to make me want to go straight home and warm up! The march itself was really fun.

I'm trying to eat down my overstuffed pantry and freezer, so yesterday I made my weekly supply of soy yogurt, a lemon blueberry cake loaf, and a peanut sauce stir fry with mock duck. I need to get better at batch cooking for the week, but I've found I'm much less motivated to cook for one. Today's lunch was soup from my freezer, which I love having on hand. I'll need to make another batch of soup next weekend.

I'm waiting on a refund from The Limited of about $20. They recently filed for bankruptcy so I really hope I get my money back. I'm also waiting on a $60 rebate check from 1-800 Contacts.

I started my taxes and it looks like I'll get about $100 back...if I submit them manually. The online tax services are so expensive. I haven't filled out a paper tax return in years, so I'll have to stop by the library!

I watched Stuffocation on Netflix and now I'm about halfway through the book. My long-term goal is to buy a house, and I think changing my mindset about "stuff" will help me get there!

hi all!

January 18th, 2017 at 01:55 pm

I've been terrible about blogging but I promise I'm still lurking (as several of you know).

SO! 2017.

The two cats and I are living in the duplex I mentioned in my last post. After a few necessary changes done by my landlord (new carpeting, new dishwasher, etc) it's a pretty decent place. My eventual goal is to have a house of my own, but before that, I'll have to replace my 16-year-old car.

My job is great! I have a fantastic boss and coworkers, and I've learned so much. I received a promotion late last year (just a salary boost and recognition for all the work I had already been doing), which was so appreciated. I'm still not as challenged as I'd like to be, but I'm happy to be well employed.

One of my older single lady role model friends emphasized my need to ensure that I'm protecting myself financially from here on out, because all I've got is me. Admittedly, I haven't been great at that since I started on this new journey, but saving as much is possible is my main goal for 2017. The somewhat terrifying political climate we're about to enter into solidified that for me.

2017 Financial Goals:
- Continue to send 6% to retirement plan
- Continue to send $25 a month to Roth
- Save $2000 in emergency fund (and don't touch it unless it's an actual emergency)
- Save $200 a month for eventual car payment
- Get my age of money to 30 days in YNAB

Other Goals:
- Reduce grocery bill
- Get out more (meet some new people via meetup.com or elsewhere)
- Read 15 books
- Lose weight/more yoga/climbing gym

good news!

May 21st, 2007 at 09:15 am

photo credit

I paid off my smaller college loan! *happy dance*

My remaining college loan is finally under $11,000! I like that the figure starts with a 10 now. Wink

To date, I've paid off $12,217 in student loans, not counting interest!

And, this isn't financially-related, but I can fit into my favorite jeans again! I've lost 11 pounds, and am consistently losing about a pound a week. It's a nice little side perk of my vegan diet. Oh cute jeans, how I've missed thee...

lattice, P365, Day 28: 5/17/07

concentration, P365, Day 29: 5/18/07

puff, P365, Day 30: 5/19/07

2007 goals

January 3rd, 2007 at 08:53 am

Today I'm jamming to Imogen Heap (got her I Megaphone album for Christmas - it's great) and contemplating my future.

I've been skirting around leaving this state, finding a real career, being happy, for years. I'm tired of being wishy-washy about everything, just staying here because it's easier, applying to hundreds of jobs but getting nowhere. It's ridiculous. Something is going to change, and it is going to change this year.

I'm also losing 30 pounds this year, period. There is absolutely no reason for me to have the body I have. I have no children, and I'm not having any children, so why am I carrying all this weight?

My only New Year's resolution - start living my life the way I should have been living it all along.

2007 Financial Goals
~ Finish off smaller college loan
~ Emergency Fund: $1000
~ Family Fund: $350
~ Moving/Vacation Fund: $4000
~ Roth IRA: $1000
~ Retirement: continue with 6%

is this the chocolate talking?

December 6th, 2006 at 02:37 pm

I'm pretty happy today. Yes, perhaps it is because of the square of 70% dark chocolate I just ate...but I'm pretty jovial. Most of my holiday shopping is done, and though I'm having trouble with a couple of homemade gifts, I'm not going to sweat it. I have a lot of baking to do, but that is one of the enjoyable parts of the holidays. My trainee is smart and catching on fast. I'm going "shopping" tonight with my sweetheart, gift cards at the ready. All in all, life is good. Smile

I'm reading the "How to Ruin Your Life" series by Ben Stein. It includes "How to Ruin Your Love Life" and "How to Ruin Your Financial Life", in addition to the first. Really funny stuff. I just finished a fabulous (but long and somewhat intense) novel set in medieval times, so this is nice and light.

I am envious of DivaJen's ability to meet so many of her 2006 goals. I met only four of my own. I'm not sure how to change this budget and goals slump I'm in. I've got to ruminate on that a while...

2007 vacation

November 28th, 2006 at 07:27 am

In 2007, I am taking a vacation, come hell or high water.

If I'm frugal for the next couple of months, I'll have plenty of cash saved up by mid-February. I'm still dreaming about a week at Isla Holbox in Mexico. I could take a bite right out of that piece of paradise...swimming with dolphins! Gazing at manta rays! Kayaking through mangroves! Digging my toes into the sand! Sounds like heaven.

I've been working on my year-long 2007 budget, and I added a vacation fund. I plan to have my smaller college loan paid off by June 2007, and my holiday savings fully funded by August.

My sister noticed my budget spreadsheet and asked about it. She seemed really interested in developing a budget - I'll have to make one up for her. I often stop and think about how much being a part of this website has helped me over the past couple of years. I think about money and acquiring "stuff" differently, and I'm proud of that!

Have you ever gone back to a salon and complained about a haircut? I got mine done last week at a new place, and I really donít like the cut. I'm leery about having the same person fix it. Certainly in this case, having a coupon did not pay off. I should have just gone to my regular salon!

the Ford...again.

November 11th, 2006 at 04:20 pm

I dropped my car off at the shop last night. The rear passenger wheel feels like it's going to pop right off every time I hit a pothole or go around a corner. It needs new struts, apparently, and they aren't sure if they'll be able to replace it cleanly since the car is 12 years old. They couldn't get to fixing it today, so I'll get it back on Monday. The damage will be at least $430, if it goes well. If it doesn't..*sigh* I'm really hoping it goes well.

This news made me realize that I need several savings funds:

1. Emergency Fund ($1000 minimum)
2. Car Repair Fund ($2000 minimum)
3. Vacation Fund ($1500 minimum)
4. Family Fund ($500 minimum)
5. Holiday Fund ($500 minimum)
6. Pet Emergency Fund ($500 minimum)

Plus my Roth IRA, 401K, New Car Fund, House Downpayment Fund, Stuff I Want Fund...etc etc. I've been working on 1, 4, and 5 for a while, but I know I need the others as well.

Time to crack down on excess spending!

net worth

November 7th, 2006 at 11:51 am

Thanks to Tina's motivational post, I figured out my net worth today.


It's not as bad as I expected, but not good. Maybe sometime in 2007 my debt to asset ratio will even out.

I had an unprecendented experience over the weekend. I tried on a pair of jeans - and they fit on the first try. I tried on another pair - and they fit, too. I didn't have to grab a bazillion other sizes or styles like I normally do. Amazing! Even more surprising to me was that they were Target jeans! $20 each, I can handle that.

I did my part this morning and voted. I went with my gut and voted for governor accordingly. It will be interesting to see how a couple of Minnesota races turn out. You never know with this state!

Good news! I just received a cash award for all my hard work at the office this year. This place never ceases to surprise me!

Anyone in the vicinity - visit Como Zoo when you have a chance. They had a baby giraffe and a baby zebra born last month! So absolutely adorable!

November Goals

November 3rd, 2006 at 01:35 pm

What's that? Whatever happened to October's goals? Don't ask.

Goals for November:

~ Spend grocery gift cards only on perishables (dairy, eggs, & produce), since the pantry and freezer are pretty darn full.

~ Spend $300 or less on groceries, household needs, and eating out.

~ Drive to work three times or less.

~ Finish holiday shopping.

Last night brought the annual 1.5 hour phone call with an old friend, someone who was also close to the friend I lost so long ago. It was good to catch up. A little weird, though...we don't talk often enough anymore, but I knew all day that he would call at 7:00pm (it hadn't been planned in advance). At 6:40pm, my subconcious popped in again and said, "kashi, go eat dinner, the phone is going to ring at 7:00." So I did, and lo and behold, precisely 20 minutes later, the phone rang. Bizarre. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Holiday gift progress: I'm done with SO, my dad, and my in-laws; mostly done with mom and sister. Four people left to go, plus stocking stuffers for my parents, and homemade goodies for my aunts and landlord. This is the first year I've saved up for holiday gifts throughout the year, and I'm so glad I did. It really helps take some of the stress out of the season.


October 30th, 2006 at 10:46 am

$9 - That's how much I'll have in my checking account after paying all the bills this week. Yikes. And that's got to last how long? The credit card bill was a bit high this month due to our grocery gift card buying. I pay off all of my credit cards every month (and apparently, so does 54% of the U.S. population!). In November, I've got to be more frugal. Just because I have a coupon for something does not mean I have to buy it.

The weekend was chaotic, no two ways about it. It took four trips with a mid-sized moving truck and van to move my brother-in-law. Yikes. I definitely got my weight-bearing exercise in.

I found I have an extra $25 holiday gift to buy. SO's family decided that each adult should draw one adult's name and one child's name this year. I wasn't really planning on the latter. I'll need to do some online scouring to get great deals and still stay within budget.

Yesterday we went to a park that geese flock to and I took two full rolls of film. I recently fixed my camera myself - it had a light leak - so now we'll see if my handiwork paid off. It was so relaxing being outside with my tripod and camera, SO with his sketch pad, and perfect fall weather. Just what I needed in the midst of familial chaos.

This week's goal: No spending until Saturday night!

apple overflow

October 2nd, 2006 at 08:58 am

On Friday, I stopped by Target to use up a few coupons and pick up another batch of Pepsi products. I have to stay out of that store for a while now.

On Saturday we visited an apple orchard. The weather was absolutely perfect. I could have wandered around the orchard for hours. We picked up about 20 pounds of apples, and gave about 5-10 pounds to family members. Now I have to find something to do with the remaining apples! We drove past a few houses for sale that we thought might be interesting. Each of them had some sort of flaw (no side yard, close to the freeway, teeny tiny lot). None of them screamed "BUY ME!" so we kept on driving. Also hit the grocery store to load up another gift card and pick up a few things on sale.

Sunday I cleaned the house and checked a few things off of my To Do list. I finally got around to doing an inventory of our household stuff. Four tubes of toothpaste? Multiple half-full bottles of lotion? Hidden deoderant? I'm so glad I wrote up a list.

Clipped my Sunday coupons from the paper. I'm realizing now that the same coupons are in the paper over and over, so there's really no rush to use them.

Nieces and nephews stopped by briefly yesterday...another reminder of why I like my quiet life. I don't think I could handle parenting. It amazes me to see how many people on my high school class reunion website have one, two, three, four kids!

Scheduled a no-spend week for October 22-October 28. It's desperately needed! As for my September goals - I only accomplished enrolling in community ed classes and driving to work just once. The rest - whatever!

falling leaves

September 1st, 2006 at 12:28 pm

September? Already?

August Goals Recap:
~ Limit groc/Target/EO to $300: NO, $132 over, but we stocked up at Sam's Club
~ Put $170 into savings: YES (but had to take it out again)
~ Drive to work no more than 3 times: YES
~ Don't use personal credit card at ALL: HA HA HA

September Goals
~ Limit groc/Target/EO to $300
~ Put $100 into savings
~ Drive to work no more than 3 times
~ Enroll in 1-2 community ed classes
~ Swim at least four times

I'm also going to journal, read up on meditation, call about photography classes in my area, and fix my camera seal. I'd also like to go camping at least once, maybe twice.

I'm not going to the chiropractor anymore unless I feel I need to. She'd like me to stay on the "maintenance plan" of once per month, but the last couple of times haven't done much for me. No need to waste $25.

Hitting the state fair tonight! Hopefully the rain stays away! Almost-any-food-on-a-stick, anyone? Last year I tried the deep-fried candy bar on a stick...ewww. We'll see what culinary finds there are this year!

contemplating rejuvenation

August 30th, 2006 at 09:39 am

I'm making some personal rejuvenation plans.

Since I'm not joining band this fall, I'm considering several community education classes. The one I'm most interested in is a pottery class. It's $119 for 8 sessions. *ouch* Also interesting - calligraphy, intentional living, emotional freedom technique, and buying your first house. I could probably learn all of those things on my own, though. Throwing clay on a wheel, not so much.

I'm still looking into photography classes around here...need to call around. I discovered that my camera has a light leak, which explains why my latest rolls of film haven't been too great. I bought an inexpensive repair kit and am going to reseal the camera myself. I took several rolls of the sunset back home...I hope it was dark enough for them to turn out properly.

I purchased a swimsuit online. It will be perfect for lap swimming (my current suit is more suited for lounging about the pool in the sun). There's a community swimming pool just down the street from me. I'm going to make a real effort to swim at least once a week.

I'm going to start journaling again. I stopped several years ago after years and years of writing almost daily. I need that private outlet.

I'm going to read up on meditation. I realized that I am almost never alone anymore. If SO isn't at home, the cats are still there yowling at me. I need to find some sort of inner peace. Everyone will just have to deal with me having the spare bedroom door closed to them for a few moments of the day.

Perhaps these things will help me uncover what it is that I should be doing with my life...

July / August goals

July 31st, 2006 at 09:11 am

July goals
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300: No, but close - only $30.45 over.
~ Put $200+ into savings: Yes, $243.
~ Drive to work no more than 4 times: Yes, finally! Only drove once.
~ Submit paperwork for property tax refund: Yes, hopefully it will arrive in September.

August goals
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300
~ Put $170 into savings
~ Drive to work no more than 3 times
~ Don't use my personal credit card at all

spending freeze starts today

July 28th, 2006 at 07:46 am

Well, SO and I are on board the week-long spending freeze, starting today. I've made a few caveats - we will:

- run the air conditioner
- buy Sunday paper for coupons
- mail coupon train if it arrives
- attend SO's family reunion on Sunday
- use transportation to get to work (bus for me, car for SO)

Otherwise, we will be riding our bikes or walking for entertainment and to get to the library. We have plenty to do at home and plenty of food. We can swing it. This will teach us to get better at planning and preparing meals, I hope.

My friend and I didn't go to the movie last night as we had planned, and she wanted to reschedule for tomorrow. I had to tell her about the voluntary spending freeze. Maybe next weekend!

I really want to get my hair cut - that will have to wait until next week!

This will be a challenge...but it will be good for us.

looking back on the last six months

June 30th, 2006 at 01:02 pm

Six month averages

Savings: $171 per month
- Definitely not as high as it could be!

Normal bills: $788 per month

Medical bills & prescriptions: $118 per month
- Much higher than usual with all this chiropractic/headache care stuff

House/Pet needs: $168 per month
- Not as high as I expected!

Food (including eating out and snacks at work): $260 per month
- Way too high. My grocery bills may put me in the Thrifty Plan of the USDA chart, but eating out is busting my budget.

Entertainment: $175 per month
- Pretty high, what with all the crafting, photo-taking, and anniversary celebrating.

Gifts: $88 per month
- Not as high as I expected!

Personal products/Clothing/Haircuts/Massages: $158 per month
- Pretty high for not having had a massage for half of those months - it's the spring/summer clothes.

Gasoline/Parking/Car Maintenance: $213 per month
- So high only because I finally fixed the car in March! Without that, only $63 per month.

The worst part about this? The average total spent is more than I take home per month. *sigh*

It's easy to feel like this!

(taken at the Como Zoo in March)

May list of good & evil

May 31st, 2006 at 07:29 am

Month of May things I'm pleased with:

- Electric bill only $53 total (split between two of us)
- Paid double on smaller college loan (chipping away)
- Gasoline, only $50
- Target expenditures, less than $90
- Made a charitable donation

Month of May things I'm not so pleased with:

- Groceries, $300 total (split between two of us)
- My eating out costs, $75
- Medical costs, $185
- Clothing and shoes, $270
- Gifts, $200
- Savings only $50

Clothing, gifts, and medical costs really took a big chunk out of this month's budget. I have no idea why we spent so much on groceries.

To answer a comment from Thrifty Ray a while back, yes, I have been using my new camera. Smile It's great. I've been cutting back a little bit only because it's expensive to get the film developed. It's really fun to learn how to use the camera and play with all the dials!

In an effort to celebrate our anniversary frugally, I requested a rebate check from our credit card (we get money back from purchases). It should pay the bulk of whatever we end up doing (camping? B&B?). We also have a couple of restaurant gift certificates that we could use.

My family is visiting this weekend, so we need to make another trip to the grocery store. Using a list this time!

May/June goals

May 30th, 2006 at 11:57 am

May Goals:
~ Pay double on smaller college loan: YES
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300: NO, $320
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times: NO, 8 times
~ Put $100+ into savings: NO, $50
~ Donate $25 to charity of choice: YES

As you can see, my progress in May was minimal. I'm not posting any June goals because I can already see that the month is going to be rough. I'm also sick of posting goals and not being able to attain them.

Calgon, take me away (and bring lots of money)....

April's end...May's beginning

May 1st, 2006 at 07:40 am

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan: YES!
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300: NO, $37 over goal. Pleased with groceries at $105 and eating out at $89. Not so pleased with Target at $143.
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times: NO, drove 8 times.
~ Put $600+ into savings (if tax return comes): NO, what was I thinking? $175.

~ Pay double on smaller college loan
~ Limit groc/Target/EO to $300
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times
~ Put $100+ into savings
~ Donate $25 to charity of choice

April's saving goal down the tubes

April 11th, 2006 at 09:58 am

Reasons why April's budget is just not working out:

1. My glasses disintigrated. I don't wear them all the time, just around bedtime and on weekends, but they need to be replaced. My current pair is 8-10 years old - no wonder they fell apart! I've been wearing them like opera glasses (one arm missing, one nosepad missing), so they're a bit crooked. I'm not sure how much the replacement pair will cost, but I'm guessing in the $200 range.

2. $83 eye appointment cost. Way more than the $20 copay I expected.

3. Camera purchase. This is offset by my church service gig, but I could have saved that money instead. $125 with shipping and film.

4. Aquarium needs. Fish need clean water to swim in and to get fed regularly when we're out of town. $88. Cheaper in the long run, because I bought a huge vat of water purifier. Plus, I won't have to ask SO every day if he fed the fish (priceless).

5. Allergy prescriptions, $21. It's spring. (YAY!)

6. Potential frivolity. I'd like to get my hair cut and colored (it's been six months since the last color). I'd like the masseuse to come over (she hasn't been since January, and my shoulder is killing me). A friend's birthday is this month, although I don't know if we are celebrating or not.

7. I've driven to work four times already! It's April 11!

Good things: Only $28 spent on groceries so far. Only $42 on eating out (most of which was used to take my sister out).

I'm still going to save $175 this month...but that's nowhere near $600!

March recap, April goals

March 31st, 2006 at 09:28 am

I did very poorly on my March goals.

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan: Yes, more than double
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $250 (was $327 in Feb): Not even close, way more than in February!
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times: drove 6 times
~ Put $300 into savings: only $100 due to car repair
~ Donate $25 to one organization of choice: Yes

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times
~ Put $600+ into savings (if tax return comes)

And my next Big Goal, get $1000 back into my emergency fund by June. I had to drain it to get my car fixed.

Happy Spring!

March 20th, 2006 at 09:58 am

Friday's evening spending consisted of all of $12 for dinner. Not bad. We ended up staying at my house all night. No spend days on Saturday and Sunday, yay! I have to go to Target though (we're out of kitty litter and several other things, like milk and eggs), so I am totally not going to meet my goal this month. If I spend as much or less than I did in February, I'll be ok with that.

On Saturday I made homemade donuts and french bread. I made dinner both Saturday and Sunday, too. I love cooking on the weekends! I need to build up my pantry a little more, to make it easier.

We did get another five inches of snow, but it is melting already. Hopefully it will be gone soon! I can't wait for summer (funny thing to say on the first day of spring, I suppose).

I think I could do the 8 day/7 night Mexico trip for $1075. I'd need to dip into some savings to pay for it. Still debating whether or not I should go for it! I'd really like to! If I really scrimp in April, I think I could.

bills, babies, & buckets of snow

March 16th, 2006 at 07:22 am

My credit card bill is massive this month, but it's all because of my car repair. Luckily, I have the emergency fund to fall back on. It is quite nice to have that safety net - I've never had it in the past. Now comes the task of building it back up again. Speaking of car repair, I updated the totals in my previous post. It makes me sick to see how much they charged me vs. what they should have charged me.

More snow today! We're expecting 5-8 inches, and it's been falling all night. I hope we don't get that much. I made it to work this morning, though, and on time, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. The bus showed up this time (though 20 minutes late)!

I'm doing great on my driving challenge - I've only driven to work twice so far. Smile I will not be able to meet my savings goal because of the car repair, but I can live with that. I'm still putting away $75, which is better than nothing. I'm doing fairly well on my eating out/Target/groceries challenge this month. I have about $42 left to spend.

With two weeks left, though, I hope I can make it. I'm going out with friends tomorrow night to celebrate St. Patty's Day, but we're going to avoid the crowded Irish pubs. Hopefully we can have a good time rather inexpensively.

A friend of mine is about to have a baby, and I'm so excited! I bought a gift a few months ago when baby stuff was on clearance. I am looking forward to the phone call!

Otherwise, not much going on...this is a slow month, and I'm greatful for it.

February recap & March goals

February 28th, 2006 at 07:47 am

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan: YES
~ Change Roth IRA setting: YES
~ Cancel extra credit card (discovered in credit report): YES
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $220 (was $370 in Jan): NO - went $107 over the goal, but better than Jan
~ Drive to work no more than 4 times: NO - drove 7 times, but better than Jan at 12 times
~ Have $1000 in emergency fund by March: YES

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $250 (was $327 in Feb)
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times
~ Put $300 into savings
~ Donate $25 to one organization of choice

I've done a few crazy things already and it's not even March. I ordered a set of hypnosis for weight loss CDs, since I almost called in "fat" this morning. Not really, but NOTHING in my closet fits and I am sick of it. If the CDs don't work, I have one year to return them.

I bought several hair products that I had run out of from an online discount place. I had to order $50 worth to get free shipping. I don't know why free shipping was so important to me.

I ordered an Entertainment Book per retire@50's post. I'm hoping we can find some good deals in it. I did get $10 off and the $25 restaurant coupon, but still, not something I desperately needed.

Finally found out that my massage friend is trapped in another country (I don't quite know why), so that monthly expenditure is zapped for the time being.

AAA renewal is up in March too...haven't used it for a couple of years but I feel better about driving my car when I've got it. I have used it with this car more than once.

March is a long month. I need to reign in my spending already! eep!

SO's grocery spending

February 9th, 2006 at 06:28 am

What happens when SO goes to the grocery store without me? He comes back with Fritos, popcorn, chips, chip dip, donuts, the most expensive olives, a huge box of chocolate...

I'm not complaining about the chocolate, of course, but I never buy donuts, and I always get the cheapest olives. Oh well. At least he got some things that we needed, too.

Thanks, baselle. It's easy for me to feel like a complete weirdo sometimes. I do want to buy a house someday, just not here. and I'd sooner do that than get married!

The massage lady did not come last night. I will have to call her today to find out why. I'm pretty sure I had the right date written down.

Yesterday I went through every month of my budget and shuffled things around to make sure I only spend what I actually earn (crazy concept!). We'll see how that works out.

January recap & February goals

January 31st, 2006 at 08:44 am


~ Get the Deathmobile fixed: NO

~ Get renter's insurance quote from my auto insurance company: tried but they responded too late

~ Have $800 in emergency savings by Feb: YES

~ Pay double on my smaller college loan: YES

~ Read starting your own craft business bk: started it but got distracted by other books

Spent more than I earned (I've never had a month when I haven't, so I'm not surprised).


~ Pay double on my smaller college loan
~ Change Roth IRA setting
~ Cancel extra credit card (discovered in credit report)
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $220 (was $370 in Jan)
~ Drive to work no more than 4 times
~ Have $1000 in emergency fund by March


January 19th, 2006 at 12:22 pm

I'm so happy with my credit score. They even have my largest student loan listed twice, so once that goes away, it should get higher (I hope). Given my age (only nine years of credit history), student loans, and no mortgage, I'm pretty pleased. Maybe once I am ready to apply for a mortgage, it will be closer to 800.

My head is feeling a bit better today...but I am going to attend a grade school choir/play thing tonight. I hope it isn't loud. Who am I kidding? More Excedrin, down the hatch. I should really buy stock in Bristol-Myers and Procter & Gamble (makers of Puffs, of which I must use a dozen per day).

I wish ING was extending the temporary interest hike to its current customers. I have nothing more to add to my account for the time being.

My outstanding loan balance is just under $14,000 now - yay! I should get it under $13,000 by the end of May. Progress.

I enjoyed 2005

January 5th, 2006 at 07:43 am

More 2005 accomplishments:
~Paid off smallest college loan
~Paid $200 extra to middle college loan
~Paid $545 extra to largest college loan

Things I liked about 2005:
~I moved out of my one bedroom apartment and into a larger, better, and ultimately cheaper one with my sweetie
~I donated a ton of excess stuff before the move, making things clearer and fresher
~I adopted two adorable kitties
~I got a new job, one that is a small step closer to my ultimate goal
~I had no medical issues resulting in large bills

I could go on. I liked 2005. It was one of my better years so far. Humorously enough, my 16th year was my favorite...my 26th year was one of the better ones, too. Maybe 36 will be rockstar quality? Wink

My sweetie has the flu. I wish he had gotten the flu shot like I had asked him to. He is diabetic, which makes it much more complicated, so I have been watching him closely. He seems to be improving a bit, but I am ready to take him to the ER at any moment.

LOVE the new Avon Headache Relief. It really makes a difference. I ordered more tubes of it so I can carry it everywhere!

2004 vs 2005

January 3rd, 2006 at 09:25 am

Spent $470 more in 2005 than in 2004.
Earned $2,625 more in 2005.
Had $820 more in savings at the end of 2005.
Put $950 into retirement in 2005 (2004=$0).

Not too bad. This year will be better.

Goals for January:
~ Get the Deathmobile fixed
~ Get a renter's insurance quote from my auto insurance company
~ Have $800 in emergency savings by February
~ Pay double on my smaller college loan
~ Read a book about starting your own craft business

My long weekend was fun, but not long enough, as usual. Sometimes I wish I lived a bit closer to my parents. My flight was four hours late yesterday, so I didn't land until midnight. We didn't even get a decent explanation from the airline, much less any compensation. I'm glad I didn't have to miss work today, but I'm irked about the airline.

Need to figure out what I am going to do with my life. Reading this article here reminded me of that yet again. I've always thought I should do what I'm good at...but that perception of what I'm good at has always come from what other people think I'm good at. Need to reevaluate.


December 23rd, 2005 at 09:23 am

Once I get on a spending roll, I find it really hard to stop. Let's take the holidays, for example. I bought most of my gifts two months ago. Everyone is getting more gifts than they need. I know my family is going to yell at me for spending too much (though I didn't, of course, because I get good deals). Yet I can't seem to stop browsing the web for new deals...thinking about other things I "need" to purchase (for myself)...contemplating after-Christmas sales....buying beverages in the cafeteria that I don't need to drink...etc. The gluttony of the holiday season is invading my every thought process. I just ordered chocolates for SO because I feel guilty about not being with him on New Years. Silly! Like he needs chocolates! Like I need to feel guilty! We are rolling in sweets at our house as it is (sweets we prepared, of course).

I'm fiddling around with some goals for January...like eating out of the pantry to drop our grocery bill a bit, tracking all dining out spending (mine, and his when I'm with him, anyway), and throwing as much money as possible into my emergency fund. I am putting off the car fix until January (who gets their car fixed the week of Christmas? I realized that was ridiculous). So I have that to take care of as well. The car hasn't been driven since December 12. It is interesting living without it when it is still sitting in the driveway, perfectly driveable, apart from it being a cancer machine.

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