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50 tidbits

November 17th, 2006 at 10:43 am

Jeffrey has caused yet another savingadvice.com sensation. Smile

I have tons of stories! It was hard to choose.

1. I have only carried a credit card balance once in my life, and I never intend to again.

2. I was born in California, and I spent most of my childhood wishing my family had stayed there.

3. I was the high school marching band drum major.

4. Iíve never broken a bone, but Iíve had four surgeries.

5. Iíve never gotten a speeding ticket, and have only been pulled over once.

6. I wouldnít recognize most of my cousins if I ran into them on the street.

7. I majored in music in college, and can play lots of instruments, but I canít sing to save my life.

8. In college I did free tarot card readings on a regular basis.

9. I miss writing letters with a pen and paper, so Iíve started sending my sister a postcard every week.

10. Iíve never been to the east coast (with the exception of Florida), but someday Iíll get there.

11. I once was within 90 miles of Antarctica, and I wish I had spent the money to fly over it.

12. I know what itís like to tell someone youíll never love them, and Iíve heard those words myself.

13. I went to three high school proms.

14. I absolutely detest mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and the smell of dill.

15. I started several lists in grade school Ė 'Things To Do Someday', 'I Love It WhenÖ', 'I Hate It WhenÖ', etc - and I still maintain them.

16. My first car was destroyed in a tornado.

17. I have the unnerving ability to answer questions before they are asked.

18. My great-grandmother was friends with Al Capone, and used to drag my grandmother along to mafia wakes.

19. Most people assume that my eyes are so blue because my contacts are colored. They arenít.

20. Iíve gone skinny-dipping in the Mississippi River.

21. When I was a small child, my parents visited a man selling an expensive horse. The man offered to give my parents the horse for free and kick in an extra $10,000 - in return for me. He had a young blond son...apparently he wanted a matching set.

22. I lived in California for over a month during fifth grade, and my teacher mailed me my homework.

23. I once found myself stranded in Peru and slept on a bar room bathroom floor.

24. Iíve had a few stalkers. If someone never returns your phone calls, take the hint.

25. My best friend and I pretended to have multiple personalities for an entire year during junior high. We wrote each other notes and even talked to each other in different voices. Thankfully, none of them stuck around.

26. I hate horror movies but have a morbid fascination with cemeteries and the TV show First 48.

27. I was caught by the cops for underage drinking and charged with a minor in consumption on Friday the 13th.

28. I waitressed (poorly) for two months. Someone left me a 9 cent tip.

29. I found myself stranded on a boat on the Missouri River for several hours in the middle of the night. I was wet, and it was cold.

30. My favorite animal is the stingray. They like to keep to themselves and are gentle creatures unless provoked.

31. I watched a man eat matchsticks and wash them down with beer on a Greyhound bus.

32. I was 10 years old when I took my first plane flight alone. The flying bug bit me, then and there.

33. Iím part Irish but I canít stand Guinness. Itís too much like slurping motor oil.

34. I crashed an ex-boyfriendís wedding and reception. The bride was not too happy.

35. Everyone in my family can see, feel, and/or hear spirits. The most frequent visitors are grandparents and pets.

36. I wish I had a culture.

37. Someday I will scuba dive, rock climb outdoors, sky dive, and swim with stingrays.

38. Iíve been on a balloon ride over the St. Croix River Valley. Watching the sun rise from that vantage point was amazing.

39. I believe in reincarnation.

40. I am agnostic but mentally cross myself every time I see roadkill or a cross propped by the side of the road.

41. I grew up in a relatively lax Mormon household, and was allowed to choose my own path and we did not attend church. I get very defensive very quickly when people make stereotypical assumptions about Mormons, despite the fact that I am not.

42. Iíve always wished I was more athletic.

43. I carry pepper spray with me everywhere. Iíd feel better if I had a pistol.

44. I am obsessed with learning everything about Queen Elizabeth I and the Tudor family line.

45. I used to be a makeup artist for stage productions, and Iíve done makeup for wedding parties.

46. I hate the circle of life. I canít watch animals die.

47. I didnít speak to my father for over a year. Our relationship is probably better now because of it.

48. I love the smell of new books.

49. I prefer to eat Snickers bars in layers.

50. I make a point to never regret even one millisecond of my life. Everything happens for a reason.

11 Responses to “50 tidbits”

  1. paigu Says:

    Great list! I love the mafia-connection tidbit!
    #9- I miss getting handwritten letters in the mail. I was one of the last among my friends to start IM or ICQ, to this day I still hate it, but it's the cheapest (free!) way to keep in touch over long distances.

  2. tinapbeana Says:

    can't believe i'm going to quote Star Trek The Next Generation here! "you are a culture of one".

    i eat the chocolate off of reese's PB cups and try to save the PB for last.

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    There is nothing that says you care like a, 7 page, double sided, written with a fountain pen, letter! I have three Parker pensin the desk and I write in script when I send a letter.

    I carry a pistol and pepper spray. I have a sister who has second sight. I am a sensitive. Guiness is only good on tap and only when poured correctly! You have precognition if you answer before asked something!

    I hope you get to see the east coast!Smile Great list you have there by the way!Smile

  4. fern Says:

    i like the 1st sentence of the last one, but not sure i agree with the 2nd sentence. Sometimes, random S*** just happens for no reason at all.

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    #21. I don't know what to say about that one. I'm glad they said "no". (They did say "no" right? Just checking.)

    I think #23 merits explanation. Story time! Big Grin

    Uh #43? I'm staying away from you!

    Wow, you're quite the firebrand, aren'tcha? Remind me never to cross you and... your pepper spray. Big Grin

  6. MsSuperSaver Says:

    #49...that one gave me pause. Had to think about it for a minute...

  7. spendless Says:

    Nice blog. I like #9. Way to go......you seem to be enjoying the ride called life.

  8. baselle Says:

    regarding #36...you have one, just see #35! I don't have anything as good as #18, but 10 yrs ago I accidentally stumbled into the parking lot where Bob Crane got murdered 20 yrs ago. Smile

  9. Joe W Says:

    #21 - are you sure he wasn't a priest?

    #30 - Steve Irwin approves.

    #34 - maybe you should have taken #24's advice.

    #36 - buy some yogurt.

    #37 - wear a protective vest. In addition to Steve Irwin, a 60 year old man was stung in the chest (he survived) in the past month.

  10. kashi Says:

    Ha! Joe, perhaps you didn't note that I said the bride wasn't too happy to see me. There's more to that story but I'm not going to delve into it. And the stingray has been my favorite animal for a very long time and still is, despite Steve Irwin's untimely and unfortunate death.

    BA - A firebrand? I think I'll take that as a compliment. Wink The Peru story...it's a long one. And yes, I believe my parents quickly excused themselves after the "offer"...

    PricePlus - You are a sensitive? What is that? Thanks for defining it as precognition - I hadn't thought about that before.

    Tina - I appreciate the reference to STNG - I used to watch it all the time!

    Fern - That's probably true. I try not to dwell on it though, and convince myself that whatever is happening must have a reason, or I slide too far into the dark side of life.

  11. mjrube94 Says:

    You seem so cool...if you ever make it to the east coast, look me up...

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