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November 8th, 2006 at 02:19 pm

Now, I realize that this site promotes frugality, conscientious spending, separating needs from wants, paring down clutter, etc...but I found a great wish list site today!

Let's face it - some people just WANT to buy you a gift for the holidays. Personally, I love buying gifts for other people (that's one of the budget busters I'm working on), and it's great to get something that you know the recipient will love. What I love about kaboodle.com is that you can pull information from all websites, not just amazon.com, etc. You can also organize it - I chose to organize mine by category. Love it.

That said, I certainly don't expect gifts, nor do I enjoy extravagant displays of affection. All I really need is love!! I personally like having a wishlist because it reminds me of the books I'd like to read (from the library), or what I'd most like to spend a gift card on, or what I'm saving up for (like my Olympus E-500!).

Another neat thing about kaboodle - you can have numerous pages. I added a vacation page, too, to remind myself to save for Mexico!

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  1. DivaJen Says:

    I've been using www.thethingsiwant.com for about a year now. Like you, it makes it easy for me to earmark things I'm interested in, as well as giving me an easy list to share with others when the need arises. DH bought me some cool silver rings from my list for our anniversary. kaboodle seems like it has a lot of neat features. I may have to play around with it.

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