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really tired of working

December 13th, 2005 at 08:18 am

Yes, I know, at the mere age of 26 I should not be so fed up with the working world. But I am. I am so tired of working. I took yesterday off, and all I could think was, "I SO do not want to go to work EVER AGAIN." I wish there was some way for me to stay home and make money. The only way it is really socially acceptable to stay home and not work is to have children and become a stay at home mom (and even then, they don't get much respect). However, I don't want the children piece, so that foils that idea!

It would be so nice to be able to sleep in until 11 if I had a headache. It would be so nice to take a nap at 2 if I had a headache. A lot of wanting to stay at home has to do with my constant headaches.

My job is uninteresting and I have not made any friends. I miss the social aspect of work. At my last job, people talked to me. Wacky things happened. I had a few close friends to talk to. At my new job, I am lucky if someone says "hi" to me in passing.

Maybe if I was doing something remotely interesting at my job, working wouldn't be so bad...but editing this subject matter is like gnawing on old, dry toast. I think I am going to have to move if I want an interesting editing career.

The other thing that's bugging me is that all of my friends are getting huge raises and promotions. I have yet to hit $35K, almost 5 years out of college. I have friends in my age group making twice that.

*sigh* just sad, crabby, and sick of working today (and yes, I have a headache).

On the spending front, I've spent way more than I had budgeted. Car is not fixed yet. Enough said.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I empathize with you. The work environment makes or breaks the job. In the five years that I've worked with my current institution, I've made only a handful of friends and half of them have moved onto bigger and better things already.

    The only saving graces are that I generally like the nature of the work I am doing and I have (finally, finally) a boss who lets me work from home when huge deadlines are looming. Though I would not want to do it regularly, I actually get more done when I am at home. I take shorter breaks because I am more aware of the perception that I might be slacking.

    Hang in there. It's taken me till the ripe old age of 35 to get to this point. You only sink when you stop trying.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you mean. I've been at my current job (computer systems admin) for over 4 yrs without a raise. I make decent salary but its lower than what I could make or what I was making in the past. Not to mention my skill level is way higher than what I'm doing now so I'm getting out of touch with a lot of new stuff Frown
    However, I like a couple of things about this job (even though my wife says its just my excuses for being lazy). One, I work 8 hrs/5 days a week and that's it. I don't have to wear a pager, I don't have to work overtime etc. Two, the hours are flexible to a certain extent. I go in at 11am and leave at 8pm...missing the rush hours and being able to spend time with my little girl in the mornings.

    But you answered your own question, if you want to enjoy freedom and wealth you have to have your own business. Not to mention the tax advantages of one. I've been wanting to do something myself but finding what to do and quitting work to make it happen is a challenge - so start thinking about it now while you're single and don't have kids because it only gets tougher Smile - goodluck!

  3. Betsy Tucker Says:

    hey there you dont have to have children to stay at home....really! and its wonderful. Huge opportunity. My friend Jill Ward is currently staying at home just turned 30, and is making in the 6 figures as a income. Her husband recently retired from his job as a banker. go figure that. I presently still work, but that is because i teach school and have a daughter in kindergarten that i love being with. Check out this website, feel you cant pass this up, send me an email with any questions you might have.
    good luck there with the job.....

  4. tom Says:

    Being tired of working has nothing to do with salary. I am 36 and make 120K a year. But I am not at all happy in my job and would love to do a job which is satisfying. I would even do it for half of the money, because believe me, money is not a motivator at all.
    Working is all about being staisfied with what you do 8 hours a day and who your colleagues are. At the end of the week you shoudl be proud of what you accomplished.

  5. Bradley Says:

    Fuck the work world, forget the man. As an atheist, this is the one life we have to live. Why are we spending it addicted to video games and alcohol while slaving for someone else's profits? This country needs an internal revolution to put back in place the rights of the little man. When push comes to shove, WE outweigh THEM.

  6. Paul Says:

    Hey.. I'm 40 and still haven't hit the 35K mark. 4-years post secondary education too! It's depressing for sure. Money definitely isn't a motivator though - job satisfaction is the only thing. I love Bradley's comment!

  7. Tired Also Says:

    I'm 36 and have been tired of the rat race for years. I have a mba and an OK job. But I can barely make ends meet due to a very high cost of living area where I reside. I don't mind working I just want to do it on my schedule. It's weird but I mentally peak between 10am and 3pm and then again from 10pm and 3am. I don't mind working lots of hours I just hate being dictated to about when to work. I hate 8:30-5!! I really need a telecommuting job or a job with lots of flexibility.

  8. sigh~ Says:

    I landed on your blog by accident. I googled "tired of working", and you are the first one from the search. I started my contract job 3 weeks ago, it's going OK so far, the contract is for a year, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a long year. The people are quite lame, and the job itself is retarded. Since this is a contract job, I am treated like a second-class citizen... sigh. If it was not for the condo, sigh~~~ anyway, tired of working.

  9. TiredTood Says:

    I hear you. I am so tired of working for the man, I can hardly stand it. I would much rather run my own business, anything that was mine. Parting with the $90k per year would be a challenge.

  10. AU Says:

    I can feel what you are going thru. I never felt so bad in my entire life. I have been working at this current place for over 18 months and hardly made any friends. Not because I cant, but people are so caught with their own groups and do not want to include new people and make friends with them. To top it all, my boss who seems to be nice but never want to communicate. I would be happy if he tells me why am I being employed in his Dept. Every day seems to be really long and boring. I am losing my patience of waiting for a miracle to happen. Will it??

  11. SDC Says:

    Man. I googled "tired of working" and came across everything that I am feeling about work. I love what I do for a living. I love my co-workers and most importantly love my boss. I also make a pretty good salary. I just hate "having" to get out of bed every morning. If only I could go into work around 10 and take off at 2. I could literally stay at home all day and relax and read books and never get tired of it. I'm like you on the spending front. It seems that the more money I make, the more I spend. It is a never ending cycle.

  12. No_Excuses Says:

    Stop your complaining. Look in the mirror and do something. All I read in the posts are lousy excuses on why you can't do that and you can't do this. Unhappy at work, then why are you still working there? Work on your resume, get a new job. People do it EVERY day, shitty economy or not - no excuses. If you're bored, not happy, no friends - GET UP and DO SOMETHING about it. No miracles are going to happen; you need to make the right decisions to get you to the right place. You have to work hard at making yourself happy. It takes time and patience and PLEASE stop complaining (that is such damaging behavior!). Sometimes I feel like staying in bed, like I'm not important at work, boss sucks, etc., but you know what? I sit down and I take a look at the root of what's making me unhappy and make a plan of attack to fix it. One small step at a time. So, quit your bitching and get off your ass and put the pen to paper and do something. You literally can do anything you want with yourself - just have a goal and keep on pushing forward, don't give up at the first sign of adversity, difficulty and hardship. Anyone that ever succeeded and became happy, rich, had many friends, etc. worked hard and long persistent hours to get there. No miracles. Just plain hard work. If you don’t want to work, then at least admit that you’re lazy and you don’t really want to work for happiness (money, friends, etc. whatever it is you’re looking for to make you happy), you just want everything handed to you on a silver platter – so good luck with that, but in the mean time, do the rest of us a favor and quit complaining!!!!!!! Again, I can’t stress it enough… look in the mirror and do something.

  13. kashi Says:

    To the last poster -

    Quite frankly, you are incredibly rude. I am going to assume that your vile reply was directed solely at me, since this is my blog.

    I am perfectly entitled to say whatever I wish on my own blog. If I want to complain, I will. If you don't like it, oh well.

    It seems you didn't take the time to notice that this post was made over THREE years ago. In that time, I have done a significant amount to improve my career situation, but I am sure that does not interest you. If it did, perhaps you would have read more recent posts instead of digging this one out of the archives.

    Congratulations on finding someone to snark at this evening - I hope you feel better about yourself.

  14. David Says:

    I feel your pain. Same job for 20 years.
    8 years and I can retire.
    I wish I could retire today but still have 3 kids at home.
    I am currently looking hard for another job.
    Good luck on finding what you want.

  15. Dee Says:

    OMG I googled "tired of working" too and you're the first link I saw. I was just sitting here thinking of how much I hate woking. I love feeling productive, but lately I feel exhausted, without motivation, and old. I'm a 27 year old single mom. All my money goes to bills and I don't live a lavish lifestyle! I make 30k a year and I never really see any of it. Not to mention due to the "economy" I will not see a raise in 2009 at all! That blows. I'm going to school at night and a two year degree will drag into three years. I won't even make more than what I make now after I graduate. I just feel like I've dragged myself into a pit from which there is no escape. I feel lifeless. And I HATE that feeling. But what else is there to do? Quit work and run away to Hawaii sounds awesome, but not reality. I would feel a bit better working from home than running into the office every morning. We can't even be a minute late. I hate the word "schedule". I need flexibility and a sense of riding at my own pace. I hate the man. And I hate not having a job I truly enjoy. We only live once. Why did men have to make it suck so much? Who said I would want to give 40 hours of my week to work for someone else?! Add in the commute of 5 hours, I'm giving them 45 hours just to pay rent, my car payment, and utilities. Add the fact we work for almost our entire lives, WHO did this!!! We live ONCE. I want to enjoy it! This blows. Someone breathe life into me so I can drag myself through the next thirty years. And the more I sit at work and wish for the day to end, the quicker the next day begins. The quicker the week ends, the quicker I've become a week older. I'm aging and I'm not enjoying NOW. 27 will soon be gone. Oh dear... I have a headache.

  16. Tia Says:

    Wow. This is exactly how I'm feeling. I'm only 26 and I feel like I'm 46. My schedule is so predictable. I work from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. I sit in traffic for about one hour coming and going. I come home, work-out, make dinner and then before I know it, its 11 p.m. Time for bed to start the same routine all over again. The weekends are really too short to get anything done. By the time I'm done grocery shopping, picking up clothes from the cleaners, grabbing a bite to eat with friends. My weekend is pretty much over. And no I'm not lazy, I want to work, but I would prefer to work my own schedule.

  17. gina Says:

    I'm very tired of working. I wish that I could find a real work from home job. I wish that I didn't have to work at all. I hate that the world is all about working.

  18. Donna Says:

    I hate working too....i think flexibility will make it so easy for everyone...i pray that everyone be blessed with enough money to now work...stay home, travel, enjoy life...spend LOTS of time with the kids

  19. Rachel Says:

    First off, I'm amused by all the people in the world who did the exact same thing I did just a moment ago -- googled "tired of working." In any case, I agree that working is fine if you like who you work with and enjoy your job, but HAVING to work every day and at the same time is what can really tire you (well, me, in this case) out. I have a freelance job in addition to a 9-5 job to which I devote anywhere from 10-25 hours a month . While having a second job can be daunting at times, the extra income is great and I'm doing what I love to do for an organization that I also love. It is my hope that that job as a freelancer will one day become a full time freelancing gig or at least lead me to more freelance opportunities that together will enable me to pay the bills as I can now and yet allow me to have the flexibility I desire in a career....point being, freelancing may be a good starting point to a flexible full-time job, and while it may require you to have a second job in the short term, in the end, it may very well be worth it.

  20. eternalmadness Says:

    Im at work right now. I'm only 23 years old, I'm tired of working. I'm tired of riding the bus to work everyday, dealing with stupid people. The only saving grace is that I occasionally strike up a conversation with a total stranger on the bus, but people at my job are uptight, boring, full of themselves. I'm so sick of this, I don't wanna spend the rest of my life this way.

    Even worse is my job is in a basement, no windows, no sunlight, it's depressing.

  21. jen Says:

    I am so glad I found these posts. I search on google too and found this. I was feeling miserable, well, still am. Just started a new job after freelancing for 5 years, it's AWEFUL to have a job, especially the one you hate, and colleagues suck. My colleagues has a culture of watching each other, nosy and unfriendly. It's awful 40 hours a week! Freelancing doesn't bring good money but I can pay my bills just no saving. I heard in France you get 6 month vacation! Is this "work" ethic most prominent in the US? It's all about making money for other people and you will stay poor for the rest of your life. And for starting your own business, working a job aren't going to save you enough money to do so either. So I think I will check out the situation is France and Europe, and maybe go back to Freelance again and being poor, but don't feel like a nail in a machine. There's no way out in earth! Unless move to a jungle. In Buddhism, it says, if you need other human being's service, then you have to slave yourself to obtain them. So if I need less, then I don't need to slave too much. Maybe getting a small place and plant my own vegetables and grow my own animals. No TV, no car, less expense, less slavery. Thank God I don't have kids. It's going to be a long way for the human beings figure out a way to have a society that runs without everyone suffering.

  22. noworkforme Says:

    I've started my business 4 years ago, and at the same time I am still employed at my current employer. With the money I am making at my business, I pretty much don't care about my employer even if I got laid-off. Do something that you really love, and don't make excuses. STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!

  23. andi Says:

    I know everybody hates their jobs here, but beat THIS one: I'm 26, work at a warehouse, make 8.50 an hour (finally got back up to my starting pay as I started with shift differential), and I'm either standing around doing nothing for weeks on end or so busy that I have psychotic breaks and mental meltdowns. I also only have 3 friends that I see regularly, but never at the same time. that's spelled h e l l.

  24. zzzzzzz zzz z z Says:

    Also googled tired of working.
    This site made me feel better... & well at the same time worse. It is so obvious that the majority of the people are living by society's rule & really not doing much because they believe there is no other choice. Also lack of cojones, if you know what I mean...

    Now tell me, did you google tired of working because you wanted a site that would lift your spirits up? (I know for a fact I did)... or were you looking for a mysterious site which would recruit you "fight club" style??? Maybe looking for other options???

    In any case truth is, that although work may suck most of us are not brave enough to live freely without the common fears (debt, children, payments & the like).... But if you reaallllyyyy absolutely hate your job, so much you'd actually consider punching a nail in your head to get a day off, LEAVE. RUN TO THE WOODS MAN. On the other hand, if still bearable, HANG IN THERE.

    More than a job, think about what you want from life & think real hard on what you want to get done before you die. Time flies & it's really such a shame wasting it being all pessimistic w/what you've got. Whatever you want to do in your life, just do it. & please, NEVER SETTLE.

  25. Godz Son Says:

    I worked at Canadian Tire which is a retail store for 10 months, in Toronto. At first when I started the first three months were great I was working the stockroom area but then of course you run into miserable people. One guy had a disagreement with me but we came to a resolution and he became really cool with me. Now there was this one old women who said "I hate kids there annoying" one day while I was working and she was very judgemental you know the rude miserable white old lady type. I told her simply to stay quiet if she has nothing positive to talk about. I have a very high patience level but after 7 months I was stuck at min wage over here which is 9.50/hr. 3 months down the road a muslim girl with no prior supervisor experience gets promoted to supervisor of my department. I had switched to the salesfloor as well now I get micro-managed and watched by her like shes the police. I'm basically the janitor who always had to clean up the mess the morning staff made which is cardboard boxes lying all over the place and opened stock not put out on the shelf. We also had a black manager who is an idiot because he claimed to be a man of god. Now this same man of god claimed he was from the usa in the midwest omaha, nebraska. Originally I stayed in the heart of the midwest chicago then moved to Windsor,Canada and then to the shitty city of Toronto. Back to the black manager guy he said a very rude statement which goes like this "I hate the way African Americans act in the usa". I thought to myself you stupid asshole aren't you african american yourself why did you just insult your own people you prick. His attitude while working at this job was very commanding and demanding and loved to yell and threathin staff with constantly saying i'm going to let go of whoever for such and such. People wrote some bad shit about him on the washroom door and when they wrote my name as well I got pissed and said I would love the person who wrote that on the washroom door to come to my face and say what you wrote. Everyone in the store seemed untrustable except a certain few. I quit that useless job cause I know my intelligence level is much higher than anyone there and I am not a min wage slave. I hope this inspires anyone who reads this and do not give up suicide is not what will take you to heaven a natural death will open the gates to the lord also living a clean crime free life.

  26. The Tired One Says:

    Hahaha... everyone coming here from a google search.

    Me too.

    Working sucks. I used to own my own business and it was like being married to an overly-needy partner. And no sex. Now I work for "Da Man" and there's the normal workplace idiocy.

    Really, it's an ideal job for the work. But working just sucks. Just another clog. All those studies from the past about how many people hated working all the sudden "disappeared." Yeah right. Everything's become so alienated we've not only lost touch with each other, but ultimately ourselves.

    At least until we all end up wolfing down meds and paying off shrinks while we choke on artificial food of every type.

    Self/World destruction or bust! Nice legacy.

  27. memolano Says:

    Like many others... I am so tired of working... and I googled it too.

    I barely have 9 months at my present job and I am already tired of it. I hate sitting down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. Job is ok, but not 8 hours a day.

    I remember working as a waiter and hating to be standing and rushing 8 hours a day. I remember working in the field (which was really cool) and hating to
    have to do it 8 hours a day.

    I have worked in so many different places and still don't feel satisfied with any of those. To me it seems that I reach a point when my new job is not something new anymore and then monotony strikes and I loose any kind of interest.

    I just think having to do anything 8 hours a day sucks. Even something enjoyable -say playing video games or going to the beach- would become tiring and monotonous doing it 40 hours a week.

    I tried to start my own business. I failed and quit easily. But I am going to try again and again. Next time I'll do it better and won't quit as easily. If I fail I will do it again and again until I succeed reaching economic independence and freedom of schedule or until I die trying.

    Thanks for opening a place to be able to express all my frustration with the work matter.

  28. kelvin Says:

    did the same thing as you guys did...i noticed that almost all of you are from a well off nation...how much more if you are in a third world country that i am in?im 19, stopped college due to financial constraints. i am working as a call center agent for an american firm and my workplace is synonymous to hell.i feel for you guys but, i cant just walk away and leave my job-it's hard with unemployment and underemployment soar all-time high.i have this too much burden in me..i think i dunt deserve this..i should be in school not at work.i just hope all of my hardships will pay off.i have no choice anyways.hehe.so,press on everybody and smile..have faith..im from the philippines by the way.

  29. Joel Says:

    I totally agree with all of you i hate working and im only 23 ive been working since i was 15 (since i was home-schooled i could work). I make 41K a year in a small ass town in the hillbilly hills of VA and still cannot keep a dollar in my wallet i see these ppl on welfare living better than me they have nice cars government pays 90% of their rent and welfare pays the rest and food-stamps pays for there food. I can barely eat and these little fucks are going out to eat every-night. So everybody get on welfare working will get you nowhere!

  30. Gerald Fnord Says:

    I have found this affirmation useful: The world owes me a living, it it's going to give it to me even if it means working like hell to get it.

    People who sneer at you for not wanting to work are just taking an opportunity to feel better than you. They should be ready with a full list of why you _should_ want to work, and leave any theological rigmarole out first of all.

    If they weren't too busy being unpleasant, such people might instead make the salient point: When has wanting something meant anything? You were famously born without wanting it, since there was no 'you' to want it (not until you first drew breath, and probably not after, given that your first reaction was to cry and scream). You will quite possibly not want to die when you do. Why should anything in between be as you want it?

    Things are right only when we make them right ('There is no Justice, there's Just Us,'); this can variously take the form of finding a better job, working like a dog and being lucky until you can retire, or working toward a revolution (social or technological) that destroys the hierarchical jobs system and doesn't replace it with something even worse.

    Get cracking; do as good a job as you can at getting what you want, without being a jerk about it. Know that it's right to want what you want, but that this has nothing directly to do with reality.

  31. JC Says:

    I'm just tired of working with stupid people who are part of a stupid system that only has politically correct goals. There's nothing to be gained, none of my real problems are resolved and I have hardly any time to myself anymore. I was happier on unemployment and starving. I need a shortcut to a real solution. Fast.

  32. michael Says:

    i'm sitting here at my job - doing what other people did - googled "tired of my job" and this came up.

    last comment from 12/13 -

    i make a decent salary but the job sucks. im not sure if i suck or the job does... maybe both.

    the only sucky part about starting over is the salary.

    I am trying to find myself all over again at age 39! woot! going to be 40 by the end of the year.

    I applied for EMT school just because it is so different than what i do now - which is sit at a desk while people are harping on ideas on generating more and more revenue. I know we are no long hunters or gatherers so making money replaces that "animal instinct.

    I need some thing different so that's what i did - applied to EMT school - but i haven't been accept yet - they want to interview all candidates so i wait another week and a half to see if i can get this going.

    i'll volunteer to see if i can get something out of this that i'm not getting at work.

    peace out.

  33. liraprentur Says:

    I am tired of working!! I am 35 yrs old and have been in the healthcare field for 9 yrs. I am so tired of talking to people and touching people. I wish I could stay at home. I would be happy with lights and cable. I am attractive enough to have someone take care of me. this is so ridiculous to have to wake up at 530 and work 12 hrs even if it is 3 days a week. People say I should be happy to make 70+ a yr. That's BS, for what I have to put up with it is NOT worth it. please please pray that I hit the lotto. I am tired of this, I want to stay home and workout and enjoy my life

  34. michael Says:

    hi liraprentur -

    i don't think money has anything to do with it and you sound burnt out.

    working with the public is hard - you have alot of nasty people out there.

    don't they have dating services that cater to rich affluent people?

    check that out.

    The EMT thing might fall through so i'm looking at some computer tech courses... like getting my A+ certification...

    good luck!

    peace out.


  35. R Says:

    Hey people...I googled "tired of working" and found this blog. I'm not posting to knock anyone's opinions on the work life, I read some of the posts and felt the want to share my own.
    I am tired of working for others. The owner of this blog said that he hasn't made any friends at work and I agree that the environmant has a hell of a lot to do with productivity, inspiration and overall well being. I am 40 years old and had to learn the hard way that work is just that: Work. I am blessed with social skills and as a man of color..I can strike up a conversation in a Ku Klux Klan rally..the people that don't speak to you at work have the personality traits of "Thinkers" meaning they may or may not have the ability or wish to talk to you or anyone at work. I work for a not for profit organization in the finance dept. (How boring is that) my team consists of 5 people and a lot of pressure to perform and produce. The exciting part of my job is that we are a multimedia dept WITHIN finance.. upper management KILLS our creativity and excitment by pressuring us to produce with deadlines. They even put an end to our work from home privleges because no one in Finance is allowed to do this..as a result, Moral is low and what would be considered a fun career has become a drag. I strongly suggest that you don't seek friends at work...look for that outside of the workplace. Instead, seek inspiration outside the workplace...once u make "friends" at work you could compromise your reputation. A lot of those people that don't speak to us at work are often times lonely, non social people. I have been at my job for 3 years and I have been accused of being non social as well. (When I started I would say "Good Morning" to everyone I encountered.. they would rather put their heads down and act as if they didn't hear, than wish me a good day in return.) I find peace and happiness with the friends I've made outside the job. I wish you all that Googled "tired of working" sincere happiness...there's museums, bars, free concerts in the park, trains, buses, also try Meet-up.com to find others with common interests...back to the point at hand...Working for the man. Keep the entreprenuerial spirit alive! You have organizations such as the freelancers union, and magazines like INC. It is the entreprenuer that fuels the economy, not the Govt.
    Best regards to all who read this.

  36. JP Says:

    Well, the same here. I am 37 years old,married, 2 kids.While in the states worked ,bought a big home,two cars,picked fence, the "American dream", then decided to travel and see parts of the world and BAM, woke up and realized that there should be more to life than just getting up to the same routine every day paying bills for years. Falling into societies trap of the "more you have the happier you will be", so I sold everything, moved to the Caribbean,Puerto Rico, downgraded to a very small house by the ocean, and at the beginning everything was great! Took half a year off, felt free, hiked,lived like a beach bum and them fell back to a routine into a job I don't like. I know it is because of fear of opening my own business that I keep falling back into the boring workforce. I just want to be in control of my time, feel free, feel in charge of what I do and when I do it. There is no greater feeling than that type of freedom. And I understand that it is up to me and only me to make that decision. And I will, I will have my own business and live the way I want,not how the rest of society wants. I better start before it is to late!!!!!!

  37. RH Says:

    I totally agree with what zzzzzzzzzzzz and No_Excuses said. I respect what they said. You need to nip the lazyness in the bud and start working towards what you want in life rather than just whining about it. And remember - "its not about who you are, but what you want". So have a goal and work towards it and like No_Excuses said, it wont be a cakewalk.

  38. sick&tired Says:

    Like many of you did, I googled "tired of my job" and did is what popped up. Its amazing how the original post is from 5 years ago and yet people are still commenting on it, which made me realize how the situation has not changed at all.

    Like the original post, at 26, I feel so burned out and sick of my job. I have been working as an auditor for a CPA firm, making $50k a year for 2 and a half yrs now and I absolutely hated it from day one. Ive been searching for a different job ever since but with the economy as it is, the competition out there is tough. The high stress nature of the job, followed by a LOT of travel and high turnover has definitely taken its toll on me to the point where it has affected my performance at work-I really dont care if I get fired or if not that, I'm so close to just walking away from it all. The stress has affected my health, my self esteem, and my morale. Everybody who said money is not a motivation is correct. I'd rather make $8/hour doing something that gives me satisfaction and fulfillment than waste away in a cube or being treated like the "plague" for being the bad, mean auditor. It is my biggest regret having taken this job.

  39. Val Says:

    Hello to all, Wow! I am simply amazed that I am not the only person in the world that hates working, especially for someone else. Working from 8Am - 5Pm is the worst thing and who ever create this is probably dead and their familiers are rich. To be born into the working class is the worst. How often I wish God would have at least given me the right to be born into a Rich family and I could do whatever I want.

  40. Lisa Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am also tired of working. I am fortunate enough to make enough money and work as little or as much as I want (because my job is in demand), but just thinking that I will be working until I'm 65 is very depressing.

    My husband has a good job as well, and I did try to stop working for a few months, but I was not happy "not working" either. For some reason, I felt guilty. It's like my mind has been conditioned to think that everyone works and so should I, and that I should work as much as I can now, save and retire early.

    I already know that I don't have what it takes to run my own business (not a risk taker), but I'm still hoping for that dream job.

  41. NeedMotivation Says:

    Thanks No_excuses! Just need a kick in the butt to get out of hell.

  42. Work is a Cruel Joke Says:

    Haha, looks like I'm part of the "tired of working" club, too. This site was the first result to pop up in Google.

    I've been driving 18 wheelers for the last 9 months. Luckily I found a job that allows me to be home every night and have 2 days off a week, but this is also a job that generally requires about 12 hours a day. It's only been 9 months and I'm already feeling burnt out. The guys that do the long-haul runs, cross-country... I don't know how they put up with it.

    The money isn't horrible. I will make about 55k this year with the potential to make close to 90k in about 3 years, but I absolutely hate the work. It's stressful dealing with traffic, hours are too long, it's incredibly dangerous in winter weather and toward the end of the day when you're dead tired. The worst part is that it's insanely boring -- sitting there holding a steering wheel for hours on end. It just plain blows.

    I used to work from home, doing something I generally enjoyed, but it wasn't paying the bills and now it's just more of a hobby... when I actually have the time for it.

    I've considered going back to school to prepare for another profession, but I'm not even sure what I'd focus on. And at 30 years of age, I'm not even sure I could justify the investment of tuition costs and student loans, let alone the kind of lifestyle I'd have to live in order to make this viable -- continuing to work AND taking classes while raising 2 kids and maintaining a relationship with my wife. How is that a life? And even if I did manage to do all of that, It's not like a degree in something more marketable will magically get me a job that I'll love, with money that will allow me to live comfortably.

    Don't get me wrong, I know what my interests are, but they aren't exactly things that will make me any real money. It seems at this point that the best possible outcome is to suck it up for another 30 years and hope to be able to retire so I can start doing the things that I enjoy. I guess that's what people do, for the most part. To me, there's something macabre about that.

  43. WhiteNoise Says:

    I totally understand how you all feel. Im 36 years old and im burnt out. Im ready to pursue my creative interests. Im a singer and I want to sing for my supper. Im tired of dealing with corporate politics. I can't imagine it being good for anyone's well being. Im so fed up. I dream of leaving the country and starting over but that could possibly be more trouble than its worth. I dont know. Anyway, God bless you all. I feel for each and every one of you. I want out too.

  44. michael Says:

    i'm the guy who took an emt class.... but i found out it really wasn't for me. well the pay really sucks. how can anyone live on 11 bucks an hour? i volunteerred but i never felt like i fit in. anyway i eventually got laid off from my job i hated. i managed to take a few months off and i loved it. but i was also bored. i'm back in the work force and boy i really hate working. i have to look at the big picture... vacation. if i make money i can go on vacation every few months. so i'll have to look at it like that.

    good luck to you all.

  45. Proto Says:

    I replied to this blog sometime back. Now I'm almost 40 and still have nothing. Except... my life. I survived major surgery, depression, diabetes and my mother, so, I'm happy about that and work... it's more like a hobby. Career goals are for people-people as far as I can tell and I'm just too dumb for professional spots. Yes, the Lord can save you but you gotta go to work. Work helps us appreciate the time and resources we DO have to play with in this life. If you get bored like I do, move on, find new people and a new life. Don't get bored, keep life interesting and open to new things. Be blessed everyone.

  46. Dagny Says:

    Ha! I also googled tired working and I landed on this page. The longer I'm working...the more tired I am of all the bs.

  47. Santa Says:

    Well, we all need a goal in life, and all need to live and for that I need to earn . Over the years I just knew that there will be light at the end of the tunnel , if I continued working , which was hard, stressful , tensions living alone , but I continued walking the road to sucess. I am happy today 18 years later, sucessful , enjoying my job . God Bless you all.

  48. paul z. Says:

    I know how you feel. I work in a foundry and my job demands twelve hours a day,sometimes thirteen. It was nice for a few years- i made enough money to support my family- but at forty years old, it is really taking a toll. I have been working like this for ten years.
    There have been two of my fellow workers die in the past two years, a lot of us have high blood pressure and such, and everyone seems depressed or angry anymore. Our company treats us very badly.
    With the economy so bad....I can't find another job that would allow me to make a living. I am tired all the time- i get up at 3am and start work at 4, I usually work until 4:30pm, sometimes 5:30. I usually can"t stay up after 9:00pm and it is really hard when an emergency or something comes up.
    You should find a job that is better....money isn't everything. It doesn't matter how much you make 25k, 35k, or even 60k - it will never be enough.

  49. Julia Says:


    I am an 18 years old, first year college under grad, already working as a call center agent or a customer service representative. 11pm to 7am is my work schedule. Earning 12k pesos a month. A huge amount but would ruin your normal lifestyle. "tired of working" searched. I want to quit. I'am so tired of this. You are going to miss a lot of things in your life. I haven't enjoyed my teenage life yet but Ikm so worried of what my parents will tell me since we are not close enough regarding with this and I don't know if they can send me back to collge and finish the course that I want. I have a huge dream in life and I don't wanna be disappointed. What should I do? Help me motivate please.

    Thanks a lot.

    Down from Philippines,

    PS: waiting for replies.

  50. Proto Says:

    For Julia. Your whole life is ahead of you. Live one day at a time. Don't worry about the small stuff. If you really want something in your heart, you'll find a way to get it. Could be anything.. even a dream. Keep your faith close and God closer and you'll be fine. Yield your burdens to Him and He'll provide by your faith. I did call center for 2 years, it was tedious and boring, but, I helped alot of "lost" people find the right way out of trouble. College promises alot, the corporations demand more. My "career" died along with the people in the twin towers at 9/11, so, I've had to reinvent myself and find the hope to move on with my life. Life so far is church, work, and games. That's alot better than it used to be: No God, No work, and couldn't afford the games. Smile God bless you, and remember that we can do all things through Him because He strengthens us.

  51. Julia Says:


    I was absent yesterday just to find things that could help me realize something. Thank you for the reply. Iv'e got a lot of achivement already in this age but I dunno why I can't help it. I'm so serios in this young age and afraid what will happen to me if I'll quit job. I will continue this work and will give a shot again, lot of people trust in me and I will not fail them. Just need an inspiration to be inspired in my everyday life.

    I'll wait for the replies here everyday. It helps me think.

    God Bless :-)


  52. Proto Says:

    Well, we all start out a little too serious. Having society-level expectations thrust upon us at an early age. The culture forbids waste and disobedience. Just understand that your never alone if you have real faith in God. The world is not exactly what any of us thinks it is in the beginning. Good luck to you and your career, Julia. Jesus takes pleasure in your happiness and joy. - Bro. Proto.

  53. Julia Says:


    Yes, God will never leave us and he will always be there but I'm so sorry as of now I haven't visited God's temple because of this abnormal sched of work. All had been changed since I enter this world of being an employed individual. My social life, my sleeping habits, my eating habit, and my health.

    I'd talked a lot of person and also my family about the thoughts that is running into my mind. They motivated and I will not stop until my love one will come which will be in Sept. Thank you so much to them and to you. It might be juust words but it helps a lot.

    Looking forward for more replies.
    I'll go back to work tomorrow after 5 days of rest or absence in work.

    Takecare. :-)


  54. Proto Says:

    Schedules can be a problem from time to time. Jobs change all the time, shifts also change. As long as you make an effort to pray and show up when you can, I'm sure the Lord will understand. Those areas of focus you mentioned, eating habits, sleeping, and health, are important and under your control in the name of Jesus. I encourge you to take dominion over those areas and accept His blessing. Be patient, and your weight will normalize. I lost some weight by just eating more salads at one time. Take care. Bro. Proto.

  55. Julia Says:


    After all, I will continue my work until all tickets for vacation are ready.
    I will do my best to pursue my job. I should face this things that I made after a long rest. All the sanctions must I accept.

    Life is all about our choice and we must face the consequences of what we choose bravely.

    So, what are you up to now?


  56. Proto Says:

    Well, I pretty much just keep to myself and keep myself busy with projects. Little hobbies that keep me busy. I do a lot of online gaming and role-playing games, couple of card games. Single I'm single and 40 without kids I can "kinda" afford it. My personal goals are just living life and having fun with what I like. Money has always been a trickle from a busted fountain if you ask me. My true goals is just getting out of this world with what's left of my soul and mind in tact after a lifetime of trouble and pain. I don't wanna depress you. Sounds like you got real ambitions for your life. But, to answer your question, mostly games and whatever satisfies my curiosity at the time. Some of my projects are science projects just to help relieve my boredom. I hope that answers.
    Bro. Proto

  57. Julia Says:


    I'm so sorry I gave up.
    I resigned at work yesterday and all was done.
    I need to face this and make some fun with my life.

    Thank you so much..



  58. Proto Says:

    Hey, it's a job, not your life. There's always another job because the Lord will provide for you. Just move to the next step or group of lessons. There's no shame in any of it. I quit a job after 2 years. They didn't offer me conversion for 2 years! When they did, I thought about it, and left them. They wanted me to work there but not pay me more money and they never converted me all that time I was in the hospital without insurance. It was the best thing for me because now I have a job without pressure. When things look bad and the storm is about to destroy you, then, you see His salvation at hand. Just keep doing what you must to make it, and don't take it so hard or worry. Have faith "before" you see any results. The Lord loves you and will bless you.
    Bro. Proto

  59. Julia Says:


    thank you so much for all.

    God is always there but at the end of the day it is still you.

  60. Proto Says:

    Yeah, it feels that way. The only thing I know to do is pray more often and abide in His Holy Spirit. That can counter the negative feelings and put you at peace. Other than that, seeking out an understanding with the Lord can help provide stability when you don't have time to pray. Nowadays, if I start to feel distance, I simply dismiss the notion since I "know" my God is there with me and in me and all around me. My security used to be feeling good under the Holy Spirit, but, now it's an understanding of who He is and what He's about. An everlasting friend that will never betray or forget my name. It should be: "God is always there." no "buts" required. May He Bless you and keep you in His graces.
    Bro. Proto.

  61. J Says:

    Im just tired of working .PERIOD.i would rather just think to get money with no physical labor.problem solver...with little hours but much money.about 100k.a year..for 8 hrs a week...man....

  62. Proto Says:

    You can start reading books by "Robert Kiyosaki" or "Donald Trump". What you want is to start a business or make an investment of some kind that takes care of itself. I've dreamed of this stuff but never focused long enough to make it happen myself. Kiyosaki has a proper frame of mind in his first book, you might start there. "Rick Dad, Poor Dad" The ideas in there will awaken you to the investment reality we have to face in this world but you still have to make it happen. I guess you really get what you put into it. God Bless your efforts in Jesus name. Smile Oh, if you were talking about a career, good luck. Corporate will sell you a degree and deny you a job with competition. My best advice is "never say 'No.'" to anyone in Corporate. That will always cost you a job or reputation in your career. Take Care. Smile

  63. Legend Says:

    ¡¥Absolutely love this blog and all the comments here; it¡¦s quite a relief to know that I am not alone in this ¡¥malaise¡¦. I love work but hate jobs¡K..I¡¦m desperate to work for myself, but lack the capital and a fool proof business plan that will yield returns comparable with my current pay check. There¡¦s also the big fear of failure¡Kkids to feed, bills to pay¡Kit¡¦s a rotten rat race; but I am determined that one day I will confront my fears and take the leap towards liberation. In the meantime, I keep myself happy with dreaming of a big lotto win ƒº

  64. Malak Says:

    -- Well! Here we are, some Seven years later... And Still this Blog Post generates Interest.

    Like most everyone else, I did a Search for "tired of working", and this was the Third most Relevant Result. I think it's Interesting that the Google Search Engine has led us ALL here, together... As I declare that the Three Dudes that Invented the Algorithms for the Google Engine could probably just Not show up to Work, EVER again. They're not Busting Ass 9 to 5, I promise you that.

    Yet OUR lives, now, are Pretty much Google-centric. Android Smartphones, anyone?

    I'm 30. And I have ALWAYS hated Work. Remember in the Movie "Office Space", when asked [What Would you Do with your Life if you had a Million Dollars...] The Lead Character said, "Nothing". That's me! I'm THAT Guy.

    I don't want to do ANYthing that I don't WANT to do. And sometimes, I just want to do Nothing. Maybe I want to Read, or Work-out, or Eat Peyote in the Desert. Maybe I don't!

    I haven't seen any Really Constructive Information on here, even though I have Loved reading the Responses. People say "Change Your Job", "Change Your Career Focus"... Maybe we don't WANT a Career, or Job. What then?

    I want Zero Effort and Maximum Profit. And I DON'T want Criticism... Why not Brainstorm about the Concept, rather than Attack it?

    It's Easier to Break a Statue, than to Break a Stone.

  65. Proto Says:

    The world is a stage and your forced to act to survive. Physical reality is not what matters anymore. The money is there, it's just a great challenge to get it. Hardly seems worth the effort anymore, Karma aside. I've become unenthused about seeking wealth, with diabetes, my health is more a priority and feeling good about myself. A bachelor's degree and some experience wasn't good enough because it was meant to not be good enough. I realize I had to fail to be hurt enough to wake up to true reality, the system is not designed to make me rich or give me physical control over my life. It's like the bible says, gain the world and lose your soul. I've lost enough soul for nothing, time to heal and be healthy inside and out. Good luck on your endeavors. Lie, cheat and steal or stay broke I guess. :|

  66. Sheri Says:

    ugh tired of working to i been working since im 13 years old im now 33 years old. Life is sure not what I thought it would be. As a kid you have little to no responsibilitys and are full of energy and hope in life and look forward to the future once you become and adult with responsibilitys that never end life becomes depressing. I use to always want to get married and have kids and the older i get having kids seems like less an option not just cus of age but, because life sucks and i dont want to put another humanbeing through the same crap im going through which is just working till i die also having kids would be more responsibility and cost more money. I would like to get married though to have a compannion and, also to have help with money, sadly all I can find are bums i dont think theres many people that are working any more everyone has figured out its easier to stay home and live off the government and enjoy life rather then work and have no life and not come out much ahead. I feel if i have to work to barly make it so should they. I have heard people say the saying of find a job you like doing then you will never be working i believe that is a load of crap. I believe all work sucks I dont care how much you make or what you do if something is a job it will suck. I have many intrest such as cooking, swimming, sports, dogs, etc, but any thing you do for 40 or more hours a week will suck till the point you hate it if you do it long enough so i dont believe you can enjoy work just cus you find something you like doing. I love cooking and trying no recipes but if i had to cook 40 hours a week id wish the whole kitchen would burn down, I love swimming but if I had to swim 40 hours a week Id wish Id drown. I dont believe theres anything besides sleep that someone could do 40 hours a week and not get tired of it and really thats because your body requires sleep to function but, even over sleeping sucks and, can cause your back to hurt. Ive read people on here saying how money doesnt make a job any better well some of that is true all jobs suck but if you have to work its sure better to make good money then struggle. the problem with that is people live according to what they make meaning if you make 25,000 a year you will live on 25,000 if you make 100,000 a year you will live on 100,000. I believe the trick is to live under what you make if ever you want to stop working and I surely want that. I make 25,000 a year and that aint much infact i believe anything under 25,000 is struggling. I know that i hate work soooo much that if I did make more then that Id be putting every penny in savings just to be able to quit working asap. I wouldnt go buy a bigger home just cus I made more or waiste money. Same goes if i won any large amount of money id put everything in a cd in the bank live off the intrest. If i do find someone Id like his check to go to savings for both of us since my income pretty much pays the bills. Right now I make just enough to get the bills paid I dont have any luxerys I do have cable, cell phone, and my dogs those would be my non necessitys of survival, I seriously think of canceling cable just to be able to put that money towards a savings my cell phone I got incase of emergencys its not no expensive phone with internet on it, I have a cheap phone 35$ with a 300 minute plan im not a phone person and didnt have a phone for a few years till I slipped fell and couldnt get up then even after that I didnt wana get one till someone was trying to break into my home then I got one. I cant say I feel sorry for any one that makes a 6 figure income and complains about having to work if someone makes that much they are living in too big of a house or have way too many luxerys blame your self for being greedy. maybe at 20 years old i wouldnt have appreciated the value of a dollar but at 33 and having worked 20 years Id defiantly be smart if i ever made or got that much money cus id know if i was stupid id be right back at work. I work 12 hours a day 5 days one week 2 days 2nd week. that may seem like and easy schedule but trust me working 5 days a week 12 hours a day when you finally get your week over your exhausted going into your short week plus all your responsibilitys of house work getting grocerys paying bills etc, gets dumped into your short week cus there was no time for nothing but work in your long week. not to mention i work 2 weeks of day shift 2 weeks of night shift its constantly rotating by the time you get use to staying up all night you gota stay up all day. ive reached the point im burned out i have vacation and sick leave and if i do take off its like its not enough and even harder to go back to work. I know if I didnt have to go to work tomorrow ever again i wouldnt miss any one or anything there id never look back. the one thing work does do is teaches you a sense of appreciation though that much I will say. im just tired and life sucks not only am i tired of working and barly making it but tired of being alone having no one to share life with or help me. Ive done already come to believe if things dont get better for me I dont find love help or happyness by the time im in my 40s that my life will have meant absoulty nothing and will be half gone and whats left to look for afterward besides more years of working getting old it getting harder to go to work getting sick watching my dogs die of old age watch my parents die of old age etc. just all seems pointless to be alive and not really ever living.

  67. Proto Says:

    I realized the whole thing(life/the world) is designed to prosper the Elite. It's all for them, not us. Only the strong survive, the weak get kicked to the side. That's how they think. I've had a miserable life also. I'm old, tired, fat, poor, unsuccessful.... I wanted a wife and children. Now I'm poor and bald. Not sure what's going to happen but I have to have faith in myself and the Divine Mother Universe. Yep. It's all a setup "designed" to oppress and deny people their natural opportunities. When the truth comes out people are going to go nuts! I chose to be happy regardless and just find myself again... back to innocence like a child. Enjoy life even if we don't have what we wanted we can at least have ourselves spiritually. Chow.

  68. Steve Says:

    Old blog but looks as if people are still responding. It is nice to know that people feel the same way. I am not mad at the world or our economic system. Wish I had made a few different choices along the way. However I have been very lucky
    both with career, investments and family. But the bottom line is I am 54 years old and worn out. Tired of the constant race. The never ending problems at work. The need to maintain current skills and take training on my own time. The BS meeting that accomplish so little. The commute. The faking interest and enthusiasm. The almost constant downsizing and threat to my position. I am just tired of having to work. I dream so often, I mean multiple times per day, of retiring. So glad I started saving early. So glad I only bought a small house and paid it off quick. So glad I married a frugal woman. So glad I have a great kid with no apparent problems. So glad I and my family have good health. I am lucky and I know it. Just tired and want to rest, slow down, and experience each day. Cant do it yet. Getting there but not yet.

  69. David Says:

    Posted on this blog back in 09.
    I am happy to say I made it to retirement. Over the past 8 years there were two job changes but in the same field I was working. I completed 28 years working full time.
    I am excited about the opportunities I will face but overjoyed not to be doing the same rigorous schedule on a day to day basis.
    Good luck to everyone still looking for what they want.

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