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trying to stay awake at work

November 25th, 2005 at 09:05 am

November 24
No Spend Day!
I baked the sweet potato pie for our Thanksgiving feast, and it turned out great.

November 23
No Spend Day! (I resisted the caffeine urge)

It sucks being at work when it feels like no one else is. I mean, obviously I have plenty of coworkers around, but there's still a LOT of people out of the office, hardly anyone on the bus this morning, etc. I'd much rather be at home napping on the couch right about now. We're supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow today, too!

Well, apparently I really should bring my car in (thanks for the advice, Russell). I guess I will throw myself back into the challenge of trying to find a mechanic who doesn't lie to me, doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and doesn't look at me crooked simply because I am a woman who owns a car. I'm debating whether or not it is even worth fixing this car, but I don't want a car payment right now, so I guess it is.

I'm not sure what the rest of the weekend will entail. We might go to a movie tonight. We might go rock climbing this weekend. We might burrow into the house and not move until Sunday. We'll see.

2 Responses to “trying to stay awake at work”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, it may or it may not be worth fixing the car depending on when you plan to buy another car. However, in my experience with cars when you let the problems go and not fix them soon after they break they accumulate and after a few more problems you start to think your car's junk because it needs a,b,c and d fixed which together will cost $2k. So the best way to hang on to a car is to 1) buy a reliable car 2) keep up with the maintenance and repairs as they're needed. Goodluck Smile

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not that this is any help, but I do sympathize with you on the car issue. I don't feel like I can trust anyone to tell me the truth. The last mechanic I went to broke a sensor off my car while changing a tire and then tried to get me to pay for it. Just yesterday the sensor light came back on, so back to the shop I go. I had an acquaintance who used to fix my car, and he was really good at diagnosing problems, but last time I went there he charged me well over $400 for a tune up! So I stopped giving him my business.
    Here's something that worked for me last time I had a problem. Once I got the problem diagnosed at one shop (brake repair), I had them tell me exactly what I needed. Then I told them I was going to get it done elsewhere because I didn't like the price they had quoted me. I called around and found it about $60 cheaper (on a $200 job). However, within ten minutes the first shop called me back and dropped the price $100. I will NEVER agree to the first price I get again on car repairs. I think they tell you the highest price to see if you balk. Good luck!

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