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Sam's Club

November 18th, 2005 at 06:53 am

Last night we made a run to Sam's Club, which hasn't happened since July. We got 50 pounds of cat litter for $7, not bad. Also laundry detergent (which I always buy there because it lasts forever), toilet paper, butter, eggs, cheese (another thing I always buy there), and some snacks (which I don't normally buy there). However, buying a large container of chocolate is cheaper than buying it out of the vending machine every day. We stopped by the liquor portion of the store as well and bought beer and wine.

By the time we got home (after a quick stop at Taco Bell for dinner), I was exhausted. I cleaned the bathroom and basically collapsed on the bed. I fell asleep before SO's sister came over and stayed in bed all night. I'll do laundry this weekend. This working overtime business is apparently catching up with me.

November 17
$2.82 breakfast
$88.99 Sam's Club
$.22 Taco Bell (SO paid for the rest)

I may have to pick that book up at the library that everyone is talking about...the 50/30/20 plan. Sounds interesting.

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