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never a good night's sleep again

November 8th, 2005 at 08:53 am

My cat is driving me nuts (the first one, not the new one). He has this thing now where he starts yelling, jumping on my head, throwing everything on the counter onto the floor, gnawing loudly on magazines by my bed, etc at 4:00am. I keep telling him to wait two hours until my alarm goes off, but he won't. I haven't slept well in months (and not just because of him...SO starts snoring right around then too). Last night I was so frustrated, I told SO I was going to get my own apartment. Not really, but it's a nice thought, having a studio with just a bed in it, all to myself. *sigh* The new cat spends her days and nights in the spare bedroom, until she adjusts to her new living environment. I can't wait until there are two cats jumping on my head. There are moments when I think fondly of how nice it was to live completely alone.

November 7
No spend day.
Cat testing at the vet was about $65, and SO paid for it, so now he only owes me $50. Good news, the new kitty is leukemia and FIV-free. Smile

Today I have to buy lunch. Fitful sleep from 4:00am on kept me in bed too long. I managed to catch the bus, but getting ready in 20 minutes meant no shower, no breakfast, and no lunch. The new cat escaped from her room, so I was dashing around the house, mascara wand in hand, trying to catch her with the other cat hot on her trail (or is that tail? to be more literal). I need a nap.

4 Responses to “never a good night's sleep again”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL!...sorry you couldn't sleep, but that visual of you running after the cats is just hillarious!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My cousins have three Siamese cats that are constantly tearing around the house at night. After several nights without sleep because the cats were chasing each other over, around, and under the bed, my cousins decided to keep their bedroom door closed and keep the cats out. They just end up snuggling with them during the day instead. Smile

  3. Anonymous Says:

    When we had two cats we had similar problems with them both tearing around the house at night, but I got a great idea from another website that actually worked.

    Our cats hate the vacuum cleaner and flee from it. What we did was keep the cats out of the bedroom by shutting the bedroom door. Beforehand, we strategically placed the turned on, yet unplugged vacuum cleaner right outside the door. The cord was strung out, snaked underneath the shut door, so the plug was with us, next to the socket.

    When the cats fought and raced around and meowed and jiggled door handles, we plugged in the vacuum cleaner. It was the perfect punishment. Awful noise that could come at any time. It was like the justice of the cat gods. It only took two days for them to stop it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh Boy! I think we live in the same house...I had a candle smash down on my head yesterday. We get up and put the little critters outside. I love the vacuum idea, but if we try that, we'll then be up because of three kids, not cats!

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