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new kitty

November 7th, 2005 at 02:02 pm

We picked up our cat, and she is adorable. We have to keep her separate from our other cat until we know for certain that she does not have feline leukemia. We're taking her to the vet after work tonight for testing.

November 6
$35.80 pet supplies (fish and cats)
$85.95 cat adoption
$28 Target (more cat supplies, etc)

SO will pay me back $80 for his part of those purchases and Nov 5th's groceries.

Luckily, the vet visit tonight should be free, since we are bringing her to a participating vet within one week of adoption. Keeping my fingers crossed. She just got spayed, and I suspect she has a respiratory infection. We'll see what the vet says. Medications will be free too if needed, but we'll have to go back to the humane society. By the way, the adoption process was aggravating beyond belief. We had to get a signed letter from our landlord stating that we are allowed to have cats, had to have a form of ID and proof of residence, and then had to listen to someone read word-for-word from a four page pamphlet. I used to volunteer at a humane society, so I understand that they want the pets to go to good homes...but I was expecting them to ask for a blood sample and our credit reports. On top of it, they were rude. Not cool. We endured it to adopt our kitty, though.

Forecast for the week: Stormy, unless SO pays me back fast. My best friend asked me to go to a movie with her on Thursday (which means dinner too) and we are going to dinner and a movie for her birthday celebration on Saturday, too (double date, so maybe SO will pay for me...?).

My crocheting instructions must not have been TOO bad... I hear my friend has half a scarf done already. Smile

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