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unexpected purchase today

November 6th, 2005 at 10:40 am

November 5
Stayed in most of the day and gave crocheting lessons. I hope I was clear...it's so hard to tell. There was also a wild two-year old who joined the lessons (somewhat unexpectedly), so it was a bit hard for everyone to concentrate.
$45.49 Groceries: Not too bad, but they now have baggers at the store, and they are awful. The guy put all of my groceries into two bags (not a smart move). I didn't like that store much to begin with, and now I really don't think I'll be shopping there much.

November 6
Today we're picking up a new cat! We'll have to get another litter box etc., but we have a Target gift certificate we can use. I'm excited!
I'll update the totals later.

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