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done with clothes shopping

October 11th, 2005 at 11:18 am

I visited a couple of Columbus Day sales yesterday and completed my wardrobe makeover (I know I said I'd wait - I didn't). I spent a lot of money - I freely admit it - but I don't regret it. I will be able to pay it off this month. The items I bought should last a while, and look good!

We haven't gone grocery shopping at all yet this month. We have a full pantry and need to use up what we have. Eggs, milk, and produce will have to be picked up this week, but otherwise, we're fine. I need to get back into the habit of cooking rather than eating processed food...it's just so much easier to pull something out of the freezer, but so much unhealthier. I have been really lazy about cooking for the last six months.

I can see how people get so wrapped up in their significant others and kids. Not knowing anyone at work and rarely seeing my friends makes SO my only real-life human contact. I know some people really crave that "us against them" mentality of marriage or a relationship, but I never really have. It's a little lonely, but it makes me appreciate SO! Without him, I would be completely alone right now.

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