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June 2nd, 2005 at 09:14 am

I just placed an Avon order with a coworker who just started selling. I know how much she and everyone else in her position makes (I did payroll for a while during a crisis) so I feel good about helping her out. Non profit pays nothing, particularly to the people doing the dirty work. My salary isn't huge or anything (especially not considering my education) but I'm still amazed that I get paid what I do. and I feel a bit guilty as well. Anyway, Avon order, $24.

I also ordered makeup primer online, a bit of a splurge at $38, but it keeps my face happy when wearing makeup. I have a lot less breakouts when I use it under foundation. A small bottle lasts about 8 months, and I'm all out.

Paid my electric/gas bill, and all my bread baking must have ratcheted up the bill! It was almost $40, a new high. I will enjoy that price while I have it, though, because at the new apartment it will probably average $100 (electric heat).

Yesterday's gasoline for the car: $18.13, and cash: $20. I got free tickets to a major league baseball game yesterday, so BF and I went to enjoy ourselves. He spent a ton on concessions, but his money is his money, so I didn't hassle him too much. It was my first baseball game ever! and tons of fun. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, but I think a big part of it was his company. He explained a lot of the game to me too, and that made it more enjoyable. We also took the new train for the first time. How I wish it extended throughout the whole city!

Tonight, cleaning is on the agenda. I think today will be a no-spend day!

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