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all I want for Christmas...

December 20th, 2004 at 12:01 pm

I really think that if I could get my budget under control, I could do the same with my diet, and vice versa. Right now I can't control either one. I record every bit of food I eat and every penny I spend, but I still go over on both. I don't know how to get there. All I want for Christmas is WILLPOWER.

I ate lunch from home today. Maybe that cancels out the fact that I purchased Christmas stockings for my parents last night and now will have to go out and buy things to put IN the stockings. ok, so maybe it won't. At least the stockings were 50% off, and candy will be on sale too. I always feel bad because the grown kids still have stockings (even the cats have stockings!) but mom and dad don't.

Tomorrow I will finish up my shopping. I was planning on doing it tonight, but with the ice storm and all, I think I'll stay in, do some laundry, and finish up my holiday baking.

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