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December 12th, 2004 at 02:01 pm

my goals for 2005:

-pay off credit card in January. like, after the first payday in January.
-start a Roth IRA in January and contribute to it every month.
- sock at least $5 per pay period away in my emergency fund. ($5 is for really bad months...otherwise I want it to be much, much higher than that)
- pay off my car insurance in February. try to be frugal about the wedding I will be going to.
- pay off one college loan in March.
- increase payments on the other two loans starting in April.
- fully pay car insurance premium in June, without going so broke that I have to put groceries on the credit card.
- keep spending to 100% of what I make each month...not more.


Frugal Things I Did Today:
- made crockpot soup and homemade bread, thus keeping myself out of the restaurants or the delivery menus
- finished some homemade holiday gifts
- did not go shopping
- wore glasses instead of contacts (hey, this is stretching it, but not only do my eyes appreciate the break, I saved a few drops of saline)

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